Lumens Integration, Inc.  

Fremont,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 538

Lumens™ offers superior document cameras, videoconferencing cameras, wireless presentation system and a lecture capture station to educational institutions. Lumens cameras can be easily set up and display quality HD images in full 1080p/30fps.


  • PC193
    Lumens Ladibug PC193 camera comes with a goose neck design and with a 20x optical zoom feature. The camera has VGA and HDMI in/out slots. The camera comes in the color black....

  • Lumens Ladibug PC193 document camera is applicable for 1:1 collaborative learnng environments. The camera can store up to 240 jpg images and there is a memory slot for a USB flash drive up to 4Gb. The camera allows for audio video recording. 
  • DC125 Flyer
    Lumens Ladibug DC125 Flyer wireless camera can work from any location in a classroom with 2.4-5 GHz bandwidth....

  • Lumens Ladibug DC125 Flyer wireless document camera comes with a six hour battery attachment, the DCW50. The camera takes close up views  and has a built-in LED headlight. The camera can transmit within 15m. There is a dongle to support the connection.