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The Total Digital Hallpass Solution - Students create pass requests on their device or teachers create passes from their dashboard. Dashboard displays who is in the hall, boosting security and accountability. Limit the number of passes, create on-demand or future passes with Appointment Pass. View pass history and run reports. Free, no-obligation pilots.



 Press Releases

  • Southeastern, Pennsylvania, December 30 

    E-Hallpass, by Eduspire Solutions, is quickly making headlines all over the country as a first-of-its-kind digital hall pass solution. 

    Thousands of students and teachers across America are enjoying the benefits of increased safety and security, efficiency, and accountability thanks to this platform-independent application which protects instructional time by reducing classroom interruptions. 

    Dr. Rob Furman, Principal of a Pittsburgh, PA elementary school, shares "We just got e-hallpass in our school, and for those of you that are principals, I'll tell you that one of the best selling points about this...they looked at this for one minute and they were like 'Where do we sign up?,' referring to the product's easy implementation. Dr. Furman also states that e-hallpass is a "No-brainer when it comes to safety and organization of your kids and where they are." 

    A Texas teacher explains, "It is a great way to consolidate passes and attendance in one program." A Florida teacher shares, "Monitoring students, especially at the high school level, has become a priority. With an administrative interface, everyone is aware of who is legitimately out of class."

    Eduspire Solutions was founded in 2012 with the mission of transforming technology through education. To deliver on that mission, the company continues to offer free, no-obligation pilots of their software, along with dedicated project coordinations and implementation specialists. For more information visit www.e-hallpass.com or visit FETC booth number #4908.


  • e-hallpass
    e-hallpass is the digital hall pass of the future. It enhances school safety and security, eliminates unsanitary or inefficient pass methods, greatly reduces classroom interruptions, and promotes student accountability....

  • E-hallpass is used by hundreds of schools all over the country within many different technology environments. Regardless of whether or not your school has iPads, Chromebooks, or laptops for every student, or allows personal use of cellphones, there is a way for your school to use e-hallpass and experience the benefits of digital hall pass management.

    Safety & Security: Know how many students are in the hall at any time with real-time updates on student arrivals.

    Hall Traffic & Insight Reports: For the first time ever, see reports of hall time and traffic for any given period.

    Reduce Classroom Interruptions: Significant reduction in classroom interruptions with our “Auto-Pass” option. Newly introduced Kiosk Mode reduces impact of multiple classroom requests when access to devices is limited.

    Student Accountability: Flag hall pass frequent fliers, pass abusers, and stem problem behavior. Prevent specific students from meeting in the halls with our new A/B Polarity feature.

    Improve Efficiency: Student-created digital passes are efficient and more sanitary than paper or object passes.

    Appointment Passes: Appointment Pass allows teachers to schedule passes for students in the future, streamlining planning and communication.

    Technology: Platform-independent web app works on all operating systems and devices (including Chromebooks, iPads, and BYOD). Mobile app also available on Android and iOS.

    How It Works: All passes are cloud-based and visible from teacher & admin devices. Student devices can remain in the classroom instead of traveling with the student.

    Student Privacy: e-hallpass does not use GPS or location tracking services. Students are not required to use their personal cell phones.

    Data Security: Eduspire Solutions cares about student privacy and is a member of the SDPC (Student Data Privacy Consortium). Our software is FERPA compliant.

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