MEGA 2 | Immediate Action Items for Staff Exhaustion and Career Burnout

  • Session Number: MEGA 2
Tuesday, January 24, 2023: 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM


Lead Presenter
Christopher Jenson
Senior Health Advisor
Diagnosing Education, LLC


Drowning in the background of the youth mental health crisis are the forgotten caregivers – educators. Their noble pattern of self-sacrifice and serving others has now been compounded with escalating and sometimes unrealistic demands – with no clear end in sight. “Survive and advance” will not sustain educators for the lengthy challenge ahead. Furthermore, data demonstrates that the self-care band aid has not been sufficient. Dr. Jenson blends his experience as an emergency medicine physician and high school teacher to develop effective strategies for mitigating career exhaustion and burnout. In this session, he shares several effective implementations from the world of healthcare that improved working conditions for medical caretakers, and scales them appropriately for school operations. Educators will be equipped with specific action items to improve their work flow, career satisfaction, and ability to form professional boundaries, while still meeting the needs of the school and their community.