C036 RT4 | Self-Care Strategies for Staffing Success, Retention and Productivity

  • Room: R5 Second floor
  • Session Number: C036 RT4
Tuesday, January 24, 2023: 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM


Lead Presenter
Laura Boone
Collaborative Manager, CDW Amplified for Education
CDW Education


TABLE 4: Today's workplace is characterized by chronic stress leading to headlines such as these: "over 50% of teachers are considering leaving the profession," and "over 60% of teachers report their workday to be highly stressful." How can we respond (not react) to these startling statements? How can we foster working environments that support employee health and well-being while remaining efficient and effective (or maybe becoming even more so?) Join us to learn easy to implement, sustainable practices proven to reduce stress levels and increase effectiveness - without adjustments to workload. We will bring self-care into the day, show you how to bring ideas to your staff, and even try out some of the practices to ensure that you leave feeling more relaxed, positive and optimistic. How does that sound as a great way to spend part of your day?