C136 RT7 | Makerspaces that Demolish the Digital Divide

  • Room: R5 Second floor
  • Session Number: C136 RT7
Wednesday, January 25, 2023: 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM


Tye Campbell
Director of Strategic Information and Innovation
Gilman School
Lead Presenter
Lynn Nichols
PK-12 Instructional Technology Coach
Gilman School
Katie Schmidt
Director of the Innovation Lab
Gilman School
Joe Valentine-White
Director of Community, Equity, and Inclusion
Gilman School


Table 7: Although humanity is experiencing an ever-accelerating technological expansion, the widening digital divide continues to drive inequity in STEM fields. As a result, digital racism is a prevalent issue that pervades search algorithms, technological devices, and all facets of the World Wide Web. To counter these social injustices, the increased representation of BIPOC scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and computer programmers in STEM is crucial. Though not a panacea, makerspaces provide an opportunity to pique student curiosity and increase comfort with technologies, computer programming, and BIPOC STEM identity and belonging. Too often, the lack of BIPOC participation is viewed through a deficit model of lack of access to technologies and opportunities. In reality, our schools also perpetuate exclusionary practices that silence diverse perspectives and alienate traditionally marginalized STEM learners. This session provides several concrete, applicable strategies that reshape makerspaces and schools into hubs that promote community, equity, inclusion, and counter the digital divide.



  • Leadership Round Tables (45 minutes)
  • PK-12