$W125 | Anytime, Anywhere Learning: Internalizing Zero Trust to Support Cybersecurity Preparation

  • Room: 340-341
  • Session Number: $W125
Tuesday, January 24, 2023: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Lead Presenter
Julie Evans
Project Tomorrow
Marlon Shears
Chief Information Officer
Fort Worth ISD


Increasingly, the education world is embracing anytime, anywhere learning. But the result is new challenges for districts. How are you going to protect key assets and infrastructure when learning is happening seamlessly from home to school to Starbucks? With bad actors across the world intensifying efforts to steal student data and disrupt education systems, it is time to think concretely about the role of the Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Framework to keep children and their data safe while at the same time advancing a new vision for education. In this workshop, national experts on Zero Trust Architecture will utilize examples from education and business to support the criticality of a ZTA Framework today. Using that information, participants will engage in tabletop exercises to explore the applicability of ZTA in K-12 education and discuss key challenges in breakout groups. Key workshop insights can inform immediate discussions and decisions in districts. What participants will gain from this workshop?    1.      Develop a new and/or deeper understanding of a Zero Trust approach to cybersecurity preparation that can be leveraged to frame the next major evolution of a district’s online security methodology. 2.      Work alongside a diverse group of peers to contemplate implications and opportunities for Zero Trust within the school district setting. 3.      Walk away with cutting-edge information and resources regarding cybersecurity from the workshop expert/peers that can be further developed and implemented within their own setting. 4.      Establish new professional learning contacts through the interactive workshop activities for further support and idea sharing post FETC.   FETC Workshops require an additional registration fee or premium registration. All workshops are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for hands on participation.