$W147 | The Changing Role of the CTO

  • Room: 342
  • Session Number: $W147
Tuesday, January 24, 2023: 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM


Eileen Belastock CETL
Belastock Consulting
Lead Presenter
Diane Doersch
Director of Technology for the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Initiati
Digital Promise
Dannielle Lord CETL
Director of Technology
Mooresville Graded School District


The recent global pandemic amplified the need for strong educational technology leadership that goes beyond just knowing technology. Attend this session to discuss the changing role of the CTO as it relates to the CoSN CETL (Certified Educational Technology Leader) framework and learn about which skills were in most demand as schools all over the globe moved to remote learning then reinvented their future. This session is a must for those who want to join a discussion around what it takes to be an effective educational technology leader and strategist.   FETC Workshops require an additional registration fee or premium registration. All workshops are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for hands on participation.



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