C210 | Developing Women in K-12 Information Technology Leadership Positions

  • Room: 228-229
  • Session Number: C210
Thursday, January 26, 2023: 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM


Sheryl Abshire
Former CTO Calcasieu Parish Public Schools
Formerly Calcasieu Parish Sch System
Diane Doersch
Director of Technology for the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Initiati
Digital Promise
Lead Presenter
Frankie Jackson
K-12 Independent CTO and Success partner
The K-12 Technology Officer (CTO) and EdTech Leader and Success Partner
Donna Williamson
CoSN Early Career K-12 CTO Academy Project Director
CoSN Early Career Academy


Leadership Survey trends over the past 5 years show decreasing gender diversity in Information Technology leadership. This trend is detrimental for girls and women going into STEM. Rapid growth of technology in education settings, school systems must develop women leaders. The decline in female representation in leadership positions may suggest that retiring IT Leaders are being replaced from industry, where there are fewer women in executive roles to pull from, or simply that more men are now applying/being recruited for these positions. Other reasons for the decline may be lack of empathy for women trying to balance their careers with family, or gender/ethnicity leadership bias. Ideas will be shared, and solutions discussed.


  • Concurrent Session (45 minutes)
  • District/State/Federal
  • Leadership