C006 | Beyond the Homework Gap: Creating Equitable Learning Environments in Schools

  • Room: 215-216
  • Session Number: C006
Tuesday, January 24, 2023: 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM


Lead Presenter
Julie Evans
Project Tomorrow


A key learning from the pandemic and resulting disruptions to traditional school is that equity is about more than providing students with Chromebooks and hotspots. The learning experience, both in school and at home, matters. In this session, we will share new Speak Up Research on the need for a greater focus on how significantly students’ in-school learning experiences vary by community demographics. Central to this research is understanding the value that teachers place on equity within learning, how they are using technology in their classroom to support and personalize learning for each student, and the obstacles or challenges they face in using technology effectively to support equitable learning experiences for all. The Speak Up Research includes a comparative analysis examining the views of teachers working in schools where the majority of students are white versus teachers in schools where the majority are students of color.


  • Concurrent Session (45 minutes)
  • PK-12
  • Leadership