C024 | Academic Engagement and Achievement Through Literacy and Career Related-Learning

  • Room: 210
  • Session Number: C024
Tuesday, January 24, 2023: 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM


Lead Presenter
Ed Hidalgo
Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer
Cajon Valley Union School District
Karen Minshew
Assistant Superintendent, Education Services
Cajon Valley Union School District
David Miyashiro
Cajon Valley Union School District


With the right tools and training, teachers can design learning activities that can boost involvement in academic subjects while supporting students' career-related needs. These activities can lead to high levels of engagement from students as they connect real-world learning in the classroom. This session provides an overview of the integrated approach Cajon Valley Union School District is using to incorporate literacy with the development of students' occupational identity and career related learning. At the core of this movement is a technology that lives within the instructional core and made by Beable Education. This technology platform provides teachers and students a personalized lexile-leveled approach to drive literacy growth connected to actual careers. Beable Education has worked with Cajon to incorporate key strategic elements of the World of Work initiative with data analytics to study the academic growth and career interests of students in the district across grade levels.