CSF4 | Computer Science for Young Children in a Progressive Tradition

  • Room: 203-205
  • Session Number: CSF4
Monday, January 23, 2023: 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM


Lead Presenter
Gary Stager
Constructing Modern Knowledge


Most “technology” in schools compares badly to clay or paint. Computer programming does not. This work seeks to make computer programming a standard part of a young child’s creative play and expressive materials. Teachers engaged in a new collaborative action research process will expand their own pedagogical, analytical, and computational skills. Technological fluency develops in ways not unlike literacy, yet computing experiences in school continue to be treated as a novelty, are overly theoretical, or withheld until late in secondary education. The session offers a practical new hypothesis to guide innovative computing experiences for young children across the curriculum. I have empowered youngsters from Hong Kong to Alabama to develop agency in previously inaccessible domains . My doctoral research demonstrated the awesome potential of society's most at-risk children. These lessons and my collaborations in Reggio Emilia inform the hands-on activities offered and share perspectives shared for influencing meaningful classroom practice.