CSF6 | Craft, Creativity, and Coding Projects with the BBC micro:bit

  • Room: 203-205
  • Session Number: CSF6
Monday, January 23, 2023: 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM


Lead Presenter
Gary Stager
Constructing Modern Knowledge


Millions of the BBC micro:bit are now in schools. Never before has so much power been accessible to children at such a low price. Participants will gain experience programming the micro:bit and discuss strategies for teaching with it. We will also explore and use a variety of programming environments, similar boards, and extensions. A small mountain of materials will be available for use. This workshop is hands-on and welcomes all experience levels. Projects from the new "Invent To Learn Guide to the micro:bit" will be shared in addition to discussions of how the micro:bit may be used to most effectively teach powerful computational ideas from math, science, physical computing, and computer science. This approach animates project-based learning, democratizes experience, and appeals to a diverse population of students than when we reduce robotics to competitive combat in which your truck is designed to destroy another school's truck.