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United States
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Book Creator is an open-ended, simple to use tool that can infuse creativity throughout the curriculum.

  • Available online or as a stand-alone iPad app.
  • Sign in at and get 1 library and 40 books for free.

A book is universal. Everyone knows what a book is, and so it’s a concept that teachers and students can easily set to work on. We’ve been making textbooks, scrapbooks, research journals and portfolios in schools forever. Now, with Book Creator we can supercharge these with multimedia - add your voice, include a video, appsmash your creations from other apps - the possibilities are infinite.

What’s more, we’ve come to see that when a student is producing work that’s just for the teacher, they’ll put in minimum effort. But, if they know that they can publish their book to a global audience, this offers so much motivation to do their best. Book Creator offers a blank canvas to adapt to any subject. You can create poetry, comics, choose your own adventure stories, research projects, portfolios. It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching English, mathematics, music or PE. Students can show their learning and get creative in any lesson.

Plus, Book Creator has so many built-in accessibility components that it can effectively be used as an all-purpose special education app. With over 50 million books made in Book Creator, we’ve seen examples across the spectrum. What’s more, we’ve designed the app to be so simple to use, it can be used from age 4 upwards.

We’re committed to supporting the movement to revolutionise education. Book Creator is the one tool you need to bring creativity to your classroom. At, we have an ever-growing database of resources - lesson plans, video tutorials, ebooks and templates to support teachers no matter what you teach. And we’re supported by over 850 Book Creator Ambassadors - educators around the world who have helped shape the development of Book Creator since we launched in 2011.