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Varsity Tutors is committed to helping teachers and administrators close the equity gap and better reach students, from those who are struggling to those who are advanced, through personalized, high-quality support. Our comprehensive platform includes models you can use to successfully and sustainably scale personalized learning across your entire district. Visit our booth to experience live, virtual tutoring for yourself! 


Given our extensive experience working with institutions, we have made sure to build solutions that support the whole school. We work with learners to deliver equity through individualized instruction focused on supporting their learning outcomes, helping them be more confident and motivated. We provide administrators with the reporting they need and the resources to ensure our projects have great visibility and usage across the district. We provide parents support to ensure their child is getting the best impact from tutoring. And we have built all of this to ensure Teachers are getting the support necessary to help them make the biggest impact on their students and get the much-needed resources to help them be most successful.


We know districts, as well as students, have unique needs. A one-size fits all tutoring solution is not a wise choice for a district looking to address changing needs. We have created three tutoring modalities that give districts great choice and flexibility all with a consistent learning platform, reporting, and a highly qualified network of 40,000 tutors. Like an RTI or MTSS model to the early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs…our offerings provide different levels of engagement at 3 levels: High Dosage Tutoring for intensive support, Teacher-Assigned Tutoring to catch students up on the learning that happens inside the classroom while extending teacher capacity, and On Demand Tutoring with enrichment opportunities to provide 24/7 access to learning.


  • VT On Demand
    Providing unlimited access to highly effective tutoring to every student in your district....

  • VT On Demand

    Providing unlimited access to highly effective tutoring to every student in your district.

    Every student deserves the opportunity to succeed. But providing the help students need, when and where they need it most, can be a massive challenge for school systems. With On Demand, your students will have unlimited, real-time access to highly qualified experts and proven standards-based resources.

    Success starts with equitable access. 

    On Demand brings together a comprehensive suite of solutions that ensures all students have access to powerful learning support both in and out of the classroom.

    On-Demand Tutoring

    • Unlimited, on-demand tutoring across every K-12 subject from subject-matter experts
    • Students and tutors collaborate on a shared whiteboard with integrated tools, including a document editor, scientific calculator, file sharing, and more.

    Essay Review

    • Students get thoughtful feedback on essays, term papers, reports, admissions essays, and more
    • Experts in grammar and composition provide that all-important extra set of eyes to help students improve their writing and submit more thoughtful work

    Classes and Self-Study Tools 

    • Live and recorded academic and enrichment classes engage and inspire students to dive deeper into their interests
    • Adaptive diagnostics, instructional videos, and practice problems based on academic standards help students master challenging skills at their own pace. 
  • VT High Dosage
    Your targeted, custom-designed tutoring program for students who need it most....

  • VT High Dosage
    Your targeted, custom-designed tutoring program for students who need it most.

    Research overwhelmingly shows high-dosage tutoring to be the most effective intervention to address interrupted learning. With VT High Dosage, your district gets seamless access to 1-on-1 private tutoring and small group tutoring. Students meet with tutors through our Live Learning Platform, where they can use interactive tools and collaborative workspaces for a truly engaging online experience. 

    What sets our High-Dosage Tutoring apart? 

    Highly Vetted Tutors: Every tutor applicant must complete a rigorous vetting process, including a background check and tutoring simulations.

    Live Learning Platform: Designed specifically for online learning, our platform combines interactive tools and collaborative workspaces with face-to-face conversation to create a truly effective learning experience.

    Tutoring Options: Because students and districts differ in the type of tutoring they need, we offer both 1-on-1 tutoring and small group tutoring (up to 5 students). And we’ll work with you to find the right mix for your needs. 

    Effortless Onboarding: We make it easy for students to get started with single sign-on and integration into your school's learning management systems.

    Tracking and Reporting: Our ongoing adaptive assessments help accelerate learning and close learning gaps, while also providing detailed reporting to educators and parents.

    No Legacy Financial Commitments: Our tutoring platform does not bind districts to long-term budgetary obligations.

    Dedicated Support: You’ll have full access to a dedicated support team to ensure program success and minimize the burden on your staff. 

  • Teacher Assigned
    Flexible tutoring controlled by teachers....


    Flexible tutoring controlled by teachers. 

    Teacher Assigned tutoring empowers educators who know students best to schedule face-to-face, personalized support from tutors. Teachers get an extra set of hands focused on reinforcing what happens in the classroom, with a targeted focus on the specific needs of an individual student.  

    Teacher Portal

    An easy-to-use, single sign-on hub where teachers can access their student roster, tutor request form, tutor messaging, collaborative tools, progress reporting, and more. 

    Face-to-Face Instruction 

    Using live video and a shared workspace, students and tutors stay engaged, use interactive tools, and collaborate online more effectively than ever before. 

    Flexible Scheduling 

    Teachers are in the driver’s seat. They can easily update students’ tutoring schedule (meeting days, times, duration, start date, end date), the subject, and their learning goals. Teachers may also provide additional content and materials for tutors to use during sessions. 

    Progress Reporting 

    Teachers can choose to receive an exit ticket detailing skill mastery after every tutoring session. They’ll find these and other data in easy-to-use dashboards. 

    On Demand and more 

    Students can seek help from expert tutors through our 24/7 live chat across core K-12 subjects. This also includes access to self-study resources, daily drop-in live classes, live StarCourses, and star-taught on-demand lessons.