Closing Session | Is Your Digital Transformation Connecting And Engaging All of The Workforce?

  • Room: Oceanside D
  • Session Number: WH4
Tuesday, September 13, 2022: 11:10 AM - 12:00 PM


Katharine Claytor
VP of HR
Patricia Sharkey
Sharkey HR Consulting
Nicole Sloane
Employee Experience Leader
Rebecca Wettemann
CEO and Principal Analyst
Valoir Inc.


Today’s reality of work has created exceptional circumstances that have potentially long-reaching impact. With hybrid workplaces becoming the norm, how do you know if your digital transformation is actually engaging all of the workforce, especially those working remotely? In this spirited discussion among HR leaders, we’ll examine why remote workers believe they’re missing critical opportunities such as learning from mentors and connecting and collaborating with colleagues. You’ll learn what can be done to ensure valuable talent is retained and developed. 


Learning Objectives

1) How to design a digital-first employee engagement strategy.
2) Gain an overview of the technologies that facilitate employee engagement, regardless of where the employee is located.
3) Learn from expert research that contrasted the onsite versus remote employee experience