The Power of Conversational Recruiting: How McDonald’s Replaced Friction With Automation

  • Room: Mandalay Bay L
  • Session Number: TA1
Wednesday, September 14, 2022: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Alexa Morse
Director of HR Operations & Execution
Eleanor Vajzovic
VP, Strategic Solutions


What if you could replace barriers and pain in your talent experience with conversations and high-touch interaction — without any more work? Instant, personal interactions that create a memorable (and positive) experience for candidates who are hired … and those that aren’t? Paradox’s VP of Solutions Eleanor Vajzovic talks to Director of Engagement and Talent Alexa Morse at McDonald’s about using AI recruiting assistants to eliminate friction (like antiquated applications, generic interactions, and slow, low-touch processes) and replace it with conversation (personalized mobile/chat experiences, refreshing transparency, and inventive, high-touch communication) to keep talent interested and recruiters freed up. 


Learning Objectives

1) Explore how companies can stay competitive with around-the-clock, high-touch communications and mobile-first engagement.
2) Understand why conversational recruiting is the future of hiring for both high-volume and high-skilled businesses.
3) Uncover the transformational results that conversational assistants are delivering today.