Using Virtual Reality to Foster a Positive Workplace Culture

  • Room: Reef D-F
  • Session Number: DE2
Wednesday, September 14, 2022: 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM


Gita Barry
EVP and General Manager, REAL System
Penumbra, Inc.


Anti-harassment and discrimination programs are increasingly important to ensure an inclusive workplace. However, organizational change does not happen overnight. Even with the best intentions, without prioritizing ongoing education that truly engages the learner, this change can quickly become a confusing mix of good intentions and poorly communicated goals. The use of virtual reality is becoming more common in workplaces for a variety of applications, such as meetings, health and wellness, and training. A recent study from PwC found employees in VR courses can be trained in soft skills up to four times faster than those in the classroom and that trainees show greater focus and confidence in applying what they are taught. Join Gita Barry, EVP and GM of Immersive Healthcare at Penumbra, Inc., a global healthcare leader, and a special guest, as they discuss how to use the power of immersive technology to improve employee engagement and learning retention and ultimately create a real impact on an organization’s culture.

Learning Objectives

1) Learn about the complex challenge of addressing harassment and discrimination in the workplace.
2) Hear an honest assessment of the current shortcomings of anti-harassment and discrimination training methodology.
3) Learn how virtual reality can have a meaningful, enduring impact on an organization’s culture.