A People-First Approach to Digital Transformation

  • Room: Surf EF
  • Session Number: HDT2
Wednesday, September 14, 2022: 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM


Diane Youden
Principal, HR Transformation


Emerging technologies –– along with new ways of working –– are the engine of enterprise change. But what are you doing to fuel your organization? Rapid change requires tech and a capable workforce to keep pace. Join PwC’s Diane Youden to discuss how successful digital transformation involves leveraging technology in ways that can help drive better experiences for both your bottom line and your employees as well as the importance of aligning digital investments to your organization’s purpose.


Learning Objectives

1) Understand the importance of workforce health by gaining insight into what’s important to your workers; assess your strategy and create meaningful, tailored action plans for an effective workforce transformation.
2) Explore how to improve the employee experience by maintaining consistent communication, creating opportunities to cultivate their skills and careers. Accelerate and amplify the effects of your programs across your entire organization.
3) Discover how to navigate change by monitoring transformation progress and responding to shifting societal, market and strategic changes –– with transparency.