The Future of Hiring: Digital Wallet and Portable Career Credentials

  • Room: Surf CD
  • Session Number: HDT7
Thursday, September 15, 2022: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM


Taylor Liggett
General Manager of Sterling Identity
Mark Lockwood
General Manager of Commercial Sector


In today’s hot job market, many companies are trying to strike a balance between hiring candidates quickly while maintaining trust and fighting fraud. Imagine a day when candidates’ identities and career credentials are pre-verified. Join us for an exciting and provocative look into the future of hiring, digital identity wallets, portable career credentials, and pre-verified candidates. Hiring practices, background screening, and identity verification are changing rapidly. Learn about the latest innovations in the employment ecosystem.


Learning Objectives

1) Overcome misconceptions about identity in background screens
2) Learn about the technology powering each element of a background screen and how the latest technology, such as digital wallets, can improve hiring speed
3) Gain confidence in using evolving HR technology by hearing about companies that have benefited from a robust identity solution