Pre-Con 2 | Transformation 101: A Playbook for Success

  • Room: Oceanside C
  • Session Number: Pre-Con 2
Monday, September 12, 2022: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Jennifer Payne
Senior Advisor
Mark Stelzner
Founder & Managing Principal


We intrinsically know that a good plan is vital to any transformation, yet too many organizations fall into the trap of waiting too long to act without a well-documented, socialized and board-approved mandate for change. Small irritants build, workarounds persist, time becomes our collective enemy, and suddenly we’re facing a massive HR transformational initiative without a roadmap. Lo and behold, an army of consultants arrive, cement themselves to your organization, and tell you to do the things you already knew you needed to do. In this bonus session, IA’s Mark Stelzner and Jennifer Payne will share their expertise on how to approach transformation differently – by building an organization that avoids reactive transformation (and those pesky consultants) through smart planning and a bias toward incremental changes. You’ll learn how to recognize the catalysts for change and the value of self-knowledge through a strong current-state assessment. Registration for HR Tech is required to reserve your space.


Learning Objectives

1) Understand the importance of having a clear point of view when building a strategic roadmap
2) Learn the foundational attributes of good governance
3) Understand the power of starting small