HR Tech Talk | Accelerating Unbiased Recruiting through Intelligent Automation

  • Room: HR Tech Talks Theater
  • Session Number: T18
Thursday, September 15, 2022: 1:50 PM - 2:10 PM


Leslie Chau
Product Management Watson Orchestrate & RPA Speaker
Angela Hood
Founder and CEO
ThisWay Global


With approximately 11 million open job roles in the United States, organizations are struggling to find qualified candidates. It's a competitive job market and hiring the right candidate requires that companies move quickly and ensure they are using best practices to find quality candidates. However, in talent acquisition, time to fill cannot be traded off for clerical errors in workflows, approvals and reviews. Such mistakes create poor candidate experiences and may unintentionally impact your candidate pool. Is there an opportunity to use intelligent automation to scale and accelerate the talent acquisition process while removing bias from candidate selection?
Join Leslie Chau and Angela Hood to discuss how intelligent automation can be used to accelerate sourcing and create exceptional candidate experiences, helping recruiters find the right candidate, fast.