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Arya by Leoforce  

Raleigh,  NC 
United States
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We're Leoforce, the maker of Arya, the market-leading A.I. recruiting tool that turns average performers into star performers. Arya's artificial intelligence learns from your recruiter's behavior, predicts candidates' success and cultural fit, and provides unprecedented candidate and job intelligence through machine learning and predictive analytics to hire quality talent faster.  

Arya learns from success and spreads the knowledge across the organization -- using machine learning to understand who recruiters are shortlisting and ignoring, who is hired, benchmarking ideal candidates based on these trends, making the connection between past successes and future hires, and populating a recruiter's pipeline with the right candidates for each requisition – faster than humanly possible.  

Arya adds an element of innovation, efficiency, and unbiased knowledge-depth to organizations. 

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  • Leoforce is excited to offer a chatbot for candidate screening and engagement.  We'll be offering special pricing for HR Tech attendees who sign up as beta clients!

 Press Releases

  • New A.I. Recruiting Tools and Enhancements from Leoforce

    Leoforce launches Smart Parser and a Chatbot and adds a recruiter performance dashboard, personality insights, and enhanced candidate profiles to its A.I. recruiting platform, Arya. 

    Raleigh, North Carolina (PRWEB) October 05, 2017

    Leoforce launches Smart Parser, Chatbot and major enhancements to its artificial intelligence sourcing platform, Arya, to address the rapidly evolving needs and challenges of talent acquisition with cutting-edge A.I. technology.

    “We have the most mature and feature-rich A.I. sourcing solution,” says Madhu Modugu, CEO and founder of Leoforce. “With these new enhancements to Arya and new additions to our portfolio, recruiters will be able to gain even more insight into candidates and find higher quality talent predicted to be successful long-term at the company and in that role.”

    Leoforce’s new chatbot is a virtual assistant that engages and pre-screens interested candidates prior to the first interaction with a recruiter. This frees up recruiters’ time and moves candidates in and out of the pipeline more quickly and efficiently.

    Also new to the Leoforce portfolio is Smart Parser, a free resume parsing tool that is simple to use and system agnostic. Users can easily bulk upload or set up an xml feed of resumes in disparate formats and convert them into a consistent, parsed format that recruiting tools can consume and process. Smart Parser is a web-based, stand-alone solution. The next evolution of Smart Parser will incorporate A.I.-based predictive analytics appended to the parsed files.

    Arya, Leoforce’s flagship A.I. sourcing platform, will now feature enhanced candidate profiles. They will now provide a richer look and feel and include additional insight into why Arya’s intelligence chose to recommend a candidate by providing contact information, personality insights, a professional timeline, and research information.

    A recruiter performance dashboard that gamifies recruiting is now integrated with Arya. Teams are motivated and engaged with performance and success leaderboards displayed in office areas and accessible on desktops and mobile devices. Arya is the first and only sourcing system to offer gamification, which is dramatically increasing recruiting performance and metrics while driving healthy competition.

    Arya is also now the first and only sourcing platform to offer DISC insights within candidate profiles. These personality insights offer tips to communicate with candidates based on their individual style: Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Conscientious. This allows recruiters to tailor their communications to resonate with potential candidates and nail that first impression and meaningfully engage throughout the onboarding process.

    About Arya: Arya, the market-leading sourcing tool built by and for recruiters, uses proprietary A.I. to analyze hiring patterns, industry trends, and past behavior to predict candidates’ success and culture fit.

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  • Arya
    Arya is your recruiter's personal sourcing assistant, helping them find and engage the right talent. Through machine learning, big data, and advanced algorithms, Arya is able to identify and retain what makes a high-quality candidate....

  • Selection is what we really focus on at Arya.  Bad hires can cost companies at least 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings. And they can cost staffing firms clients. With sourcing being one of the most time-consuming and painful aspects of the talent acquisition process, getting that right using a powerful A.I. tool, brings you much, much closer to a successful hire.

    Arya makes complicated data accessible and meaningful by learning from success within your organization and applying artificial intelligence to search multiple sources at one time to find top talent.

    Arya uses A.I. to take advantage of searching every source available including job boards, internal systems, professional sites, social databases, and other global talent sources. Arya’s A.I. is able to analyze jobs and candidates faster and more completely than a human – bringing the most qualified candidates and ideal “culture-adds” to your recruiters, fast, while providing essential reporting and analytics to demonstrate why a candidate will be a successful hire.