2017 Conference Details

Human Resource Executive magazine  

Horsham,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 2535

Human Resource Executive® was established in 1987 and continues today as the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR. Written for vice presidents and directors of human resources, the magazine provides these key decision-makers with news, profiles of HR visionaries and success stories of human resource innovators. Stories cover all areas of human resource management, including talent management, employee benefits, health care, learning and leadership, HR information systems, relocation, retirement planning, and employee engagement. More than 75,000 HR decision-makers currently receive the publication, which is published 12 times a year. HREOnline® is an interactive resource designed specifically for directors and vice presidents of HR to deliver users breaking news, unique insights and extensive reference materials.


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 Press Releases

  • HORSHAM, Pa. (June 27, 2017) – Human Resource Executive® magazine, the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR and organizers of the HR Technology Conference & Exposition, announced the successful completion of its HR Technology China Conference, held June 6 - 7, 2017 at the Shanghai International Conference Center in China. The only HR technology event of its kind in China, HR Tech China brought together more than 3,500 HR professionals and 30+ speakers from the United States, Europe and China. For two days attendees experienced leading edge HR and HR technology thought-leadership, case studies, knowledge sharing and networking. The event also featured more than 70 exhibitors demonstrating the latest technology.

    “HR Tech China 2017 primary theme was the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence technologies and its use for human resources, talent acquisition, and talent management,” said Rebecca McKenna, VP of Global Events and Publisher of Human Resource Executive®. “With attendees from China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States the conference and expo was a global display of the latest technologies for Human Resources.”

    Featuring engaging keynote presentations from Stanford University’s Jerry Kaplan; HR Technology Conference Program Chair and HR Tech China host, Steve Boese; VP of HCM Strategy and Product Management at Infor, Trish McFarlane and more, HR Tech China fed the audience’s need for technology and explored the use of people and data to enhance decision making.

    “HR Tech China Conference far exceeded my expectations for the amount and enthusiasm of the attendees, the growing sophistication of both the attendee’s knowledge of HR technology, and the significant and maturing capabilities of many of the Chinese HR Tech companies who attended the conference,” said Boese.

    “Throughout the two days it was easy to see the high level of engagement among attendees as they displayed a real need for the types of technology that were being demonstrated and shared,” said McKenna.

    “HR Tech China is fast becoming firmly established as an essential event for HR professionals in the world’s second largest economy, and one with more than 700 million people in the workforce and 25 million enterprises,” said McFarlane.

    Boese also remarked, “Shanghai was a perfect location for HR Tech China, as the fast-growing, dynamic, and modern city matches the climate for modern HR and HR technology applications and approaches. The Chinese market is embracing and adopting new, advanced capabilities in HR Tech at a rapid pace. It is incredible to see the progress from the first year of the conference.

    Details regarding future Human Resource Executive® global HR Tech conferences in Europe and Asia will be released at the 20th annual HR Tech Conference. Being held October 10 - 13, 2017 at The Venetian® Las Vegas, HR Tech is indisputably the world’s largest event dedicated to HR technology attracting attendees from more than 46 countries and all over North America. The opening keynote will be delivered by Laszlo Bock, a New York Times best-selling author and the former Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google. The conference features 70+ sessions on important topics such as talent acquisition, talent management, employee engagement, workforce analytics and more.

    About Human Resource Executive®
    Human Resource Executive® magazine was established in 1987 and continues today as the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR. Written primarily for vice presidents and directors of human resources, the magazine provides these key decision-makers with news, profiles of HR visionaries and success stories of human resource innovators. Stories cover all areas of human resource management, including talent management, benefits, healthcare training and development, HR information systems, relocation, retirement planning, and employment law. For more information, visit www.hreonline.com.

    About the HR Technology Conference & Exposition®
    Founded in 1997, the HR Technology Conference is the world’s leading event on HR technology covering all the latest trends — Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Big Data and more! From strategy and selection to post-implementation, HR Tech is a pivotal stop for all organizations on their HR journey. Featuring more than 70 presentations delivered by senior executives from leading organizations, HR Tech never sells speaking slots, resulting in a high-caliber learning experience with real-world lessons and practical takeaways. HR Tech annually attracts industry experts, thought leaders, software vendors, senior HR executives, HR generalists, HR systems leaders, IT innovators and more. The show is also home to the annual Women in HR Technology Pre-Conference Event, which empowers women within HR and HR technology to grow personally and professionally. Additionally, HR Tech Conference hosts the world’s largest Expo of HR technology products and services — a number of vendors even choose to announce their latest products for the first time at the conference. There is no better place to touch, compare and contrast the latest solutions from leading vendors in every category, as well as start-ups. For more information, visit www.HRTechConference.com.

  • More Than 80 New Products Will Be Showcased at Next Week’s HR Technology Conference & Exposition®

    Appcast, Ceridian, Entelo, Lever, MOVE Guides, Paychex, Talent Sonar and WCN among Those Making Significant Product Announcements

    HORSHAM, Pa. (October 4, 2017) – Human Resource Executive® magazine, the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR,  today announced more than 80 exhibitors and sponsors will be unveiling new products at the 20th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition®, taking place Tuesday, October 10 through Friday, October 13, 2017 at The Venetian® Las Vegas.

    Widely acknowledged as the can’t-miss HR event of the year, the HR Technology Conference offers its more than 440 exhibitors, including 48 startups, the opportunity to showcase their solutions to HR practitioners, analysts, journalists and bloggers. The new products unveiled to a community of more than 9,000 professionals represent the latest trends in the industry – SaaS, the Cloud, social, mobile, analytics, video, gamification, big data and MOOCs. Attendees of the world-renowned event are afforded the opportunity to touch, compare and contrast these recent entries into the HR technology marketplace.

    The following new product announcements and enhancements will be presented at this year’s event:

    Achievers                                                                                                                   Sponsor

    Achievers Listen empowers employees to give continuous feedback to employers on what’s working well and what needs to be improved in the workplace, and provides managers with recommended actions based on the company’s unique values and culture. Included with Achievers Listen is Allie, an intelligent, digital “coach” that interacts with employees in a familiar conversational way, while guiding employees with effective feedback and providing recommendations back to managers.

    Appcast                                                                                                          Booth No. 3235

    Appcast will showcase Appcast Brand, a new solution designed to address unique recruitment marketing needs. Appcast Brand uses retargeting and audience extension models to help organizations reach candidates who have previously engaged with a company career site, ATS or job board through display and native social media advertisements. Brand ads are matched with candidates based on their online activity and job interests, working to increase an organization's employer brand and boost interest in open roles.

    BLR                                                                                                     Booth No. 3435

    BLR will be launching a new and improved version of their Employee Handbook Builder application in November 2017. Updates include redesigned interface to streamline handbook setup and add flexibility for the user; restructuring of interview questions to make it easier to create a handbook; improved navigation; addition of new state-specific policies throughout incorporation of state and local sick leave policies as they become effective.

    Breezy                                                                                                 Booth No. 3942

    Breezy is scheduled to release a new product at HR Tech.

    Bridge                                                                                                 Booth No. 3932

    Bridge by Instructure will launch a new HR product during HR Tech.

    CareerBuilder                                                                                    Booth No. 1310

    CareerBuilder Talent Discovery is a new platform that converges all candidate data from CareerBuilder products and select ATS partners into one place to increase recruiter speed and efficiency. Leveraging the latest in machine learning, it automatically matches jobs to candidates and predicts their likeliness to respond. It also features an intake tool with real-time supply and demand data to help set expectations, and it enables recruiters to create and manage targeted email campaigns.

    Ceridian                                                                                                          Booth No. 1919

    Ceridian is launching Dayforce Learning, a robust learning management system incorporated into Dayforce HCM that fosters a culture of continuous learning throughout an employee’s workplace lifecycle. Organizations can leverage Dayforce Learning to provide employee training and education opportunities, such as courses about business practices, regulatory requirements, or career-specific tracks. Employees are empowered to share knowledge and best practices. And managers gain a better understanding about their team’s skillset and required learnings. 

    Crowded                                                                                                        Booth No. 2354VV

    Crowded recently launched Crowded Refresh, which quickly uncovers, updates, and connects with qualified talent from within an existing ATS. Crowded Refresh matches, ranks, and warms up the best talent for open jobs - all with one click.

    Degreed                                                                                                         Booth No. 3325

    Degreed recently launched Degreed Skills Certification, a program that scores applicants existing skills in specific categories, as a way to standardize how people measure and communicate their skills.  Degreed’s goal for this new tool is to close the current skills gap within the labor force by allowing people to clearly show skills they have informally or formally learned, that may not be apparent from their education or resume.

    Docebo                                                                                                           Booth No. 2546

    Skills gaps can be identified with Docebo Perform in order to deliver more targeted learning programs that address the current and future needs of the business. From system setup to evaluations and reporting, Docebo Perform offers a simple and streamlined user experience that allows businesses to begin realizing benefits in days, not months or years.

    D-TECK                                                                                                           Booth No. 2354I

    D-TECK combines the video interview and a 360-degree psychometric assessment. When a candidate completes tests and questionnaires, he or she receives a link to a video interview composed of six questions generated following the D-TECK psychometric assessment. An integrated report and the correction grid for a standardized assessment of your candidates’ answers is generated.

    eBenefits                                                                                                        Booth No. 3323

    eBenefits is launching its fully integrated platform in October 2017 at the HR Technology® and Conference Expo. An integrated, configurable cloud-based benefits administration platform, it supports HR leaders with comprehensive personalized service for benefits administration, private exchanges, ACA compliance and reporting, employee engagement and communication tools, and employee analytics and reporting.

    EmployeeChannel                                                                                         Booth No. 4035

    EmployeeChannel will announce the latest release of its mobile app, which enables HR and Internal Communications teams to boost the impact and effectiveness of employee communication, to build and strengthen employee relationships, and to drive cultural and business outcomes. This release adds pulse survey capabilities to the app’s enterprise messaging, employee self-service, and communication analytics.

    ENDEVR                                                                                                         Booth No. 2354O

    With the release of MyID 4.0, new features will become available. These include a highly intelligent pill reminder which will auto sync with a profile, a history log of taken meds, an easy way to share the profile with medical professionals, and an entirely new look.

    Entelo                                                                                                             Booth No. 2928

    Through its newest innovation, Entelo Envoy automates the tedious and time-consuming tasks involved with sourcing and attracting candidates to provide recruiters with a slate of qualified and interested candidates instantly. Entelo Envoy applies the power of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to its database of candidates to surface those who are the best fit, saving recruiters hours of sifting through profiles and reaching out to candidates who may not be interested.

    Envoy                                                                                                              Booth No. 2069

    Envoy Pro makes it easier to manage workforces across borders. Envoy Pro features proactive immigration budgeting, auditing and compliance; in particular, secure storage for Public Access Files, automated auditing for compliance and peace of mind in case of a site visit. Envoy provides end-to-end immigration management – from securing work authorization globally to preemptively managing status and compliance for expats.

    Espresa                                                                                                           Booth No. 4327

    Espresa is expanding its platform capability to manage all company onsite programs - wellness, fitness, events, rewards and services. Once fully implemented, it is much more efficient for HR to announce and promote the programs while tracking utilization and employee feedback. Espresa’s platform includes calendaring, payment, provisioning, scheduling, announcement, reminders, rewards, support, and employee-employer-vendor communications.

    FLX Systems                                                                                                  Booth No. 2354E

    FLX Systems announces the launch of Vizual Trainer Technology. Vizual Trainer is an interactive training technology that uses a voice-activated search, scanner, or menu to quickly access training videos, product videos, testing, and current discount offers. Deployed on a mobile device, employees can use the technology as an educational reference in day-to-day operations or when assisting a customer. It can also be integrated into an existing LMS.

    FoolWorks                                                                                                     Booth No. 2354GG

    FoolWorks is a SaaS-based talent management tool that takes an employee-first approach, focusing on development, feedback, and coaching. The product flips the model by putting individuals in control of their career development and making sense of all the disparate signals they receive. It is the result of four years of internal development from the People and Technology teams at The Motley Fool, which Glassdoor named the #1 Best Place to Work in 2014 and 2015 for medium-sized businesses.

    Fuel50                                                                                                             Booth No. 2648

    As the latest in Fuel50’s career pathing platform, FuelGrowth provides continuous, 360-degree career growth via simple yet powerful technology. It gives employees real-time, peer-validated feedback, allowing them to continuously improve and advance their careers. FuelGrowth provides employees with a tool to track their skill and capability growth, while giving organizations the ability to clearly identify talent potential and develop performance based on true growth opportunities.

    Greenhouse                                                                                                   Sponsor

    Greenhouse recently expanded its offering by launching Greenhouse CRM. Using the latest advances in talent marketing, Greenhouse CRM gives recruiters the ability to manage their talent pools of prospects, future grads and "silver medalists" and execute unique workflows for each pool.

    Growbot                                                                                                         Booth No. 2354UU

    Growbot Values will be publicly announced at HR Tech.  With Growbot Values, culture and HR Executives will be able to integrate their values into Slack and Microsoft Teams, as dedicated emoji’s, and Growbot will know when a company value is being recognized in real-time. With this launch, Growbot Values will also include employee engagement reporting and analytics specific to company values and their employee's reputation.

    HighGround                                                                                       Booth No. 1566

    HighGround is scheduled to make an announcement, with details to be released at the show.

    HRadvocate                                                                                                   Booth No. 3845

    HRadvocate HCM will announce its new Compensation module, which aligns employee awards and merit increments with organizational objectives and results. It securely distributes budgets and allocate awards to groups of employees, with seamless experience and useful functionality across ESS, MSS, and HR. Employee and organizational data, security structures, and reporting hierarchies from HRadvocate (Core HR) integrate with real-time performance updates and allow managers to better connect pay with performance.

    Human Capital Management Institute                                                      Booth 1237

    Human Capital Management Institute (HCMI) will announce release 3.0 of SOLVE, its workforce analytics software that applies a proprietary data integration blueprint and predictive algorithms of over 600 standardized human capital metrics to HR, Finance and Operations data.  Enhancements in this release include workforce productivity benchmarking, new workforce planning and job classification tools, and automated Human Capital Financial Statements to meet business leadership and investor reporting needs.

    iCIMS                                                                                                              Booth No. 1732

    iCIMS announced Streaming Connectors, which leverages Streaming API integration technology. Available in October 2017, Streaming Connectors combine existing API functionality with Streaming API, enhancing the integration experience for enterprise customers who handle large volumes of data and need robust, efficient integrations to achieve bidirectional real-time updates across systems. iCIMS Streaming Connectors deliver cutting-edge technology to enable reliable integrations with preferred HCM/ERP applications.

    Ideal                                                                                                                Booth No. 2354N

    Overwhelmed with applications, large employers struggle to screen even 40% of the resumes they receive, let alone source and shortlist candidates. Ideal’s intelligent virtual assistant uses artificial intelligence to automate these time-consuming, tedious tasks so that recruiters can optimize their time for high-value, enjoyable work. With Ideal, every candidate is screened and graded A, B, C or D. Ideal eliminates human bias, enhances the candidate experience and increases recruiter efficiency.

    InterviewHost                                                                                                Booth No. 1241

    Launching at HR Tech, InterviewHost is fixing one of its most critical and broken recruiting processes: Candidate Screening. InterviewHost enables recruiting professionals to quickly shortlist higher quality applicants with more insight than traditional (and highly manual) processes while saving time and money. InterviewHost’s easy-to-use and scalable solution combines automation, collaboration and analysis to effectively screen large numbers of candidates with unprecedented insights.

    Intrideo                                                                                                           Booth No. 2354KK

    Intrideo is a new application that streamlines the hiring process. Applicants can supplement their resume by submitting a 20-second video, allowing employers to assess a candidate’s hard and soft skillsets before committing time to an interview. Intrideo is efficient and time-saving, offering a simple and user-friendly experience for both employers and applicants. Intrideo is available on all platforms, and can be downloaded at Google Play and the App Store.

    InvestiPro                                                                                                       Booth No. 2354NN

    Previously a single-use product, InvestiPro has changed to annual memberships, resulting in unlimited investigations, online harassment and discrimination training, support from an HR investigator and templates/compliance publications. User capabilities have been expanded to ensure multi-level access for confidentiality across unlimited locations…allowing ease of use for large and enterprise companies. 

    It’s Your Skills                                                                                                Booth No. 2354K

    It’s Your Skills will release the new version of its Skills Ontology and Profiler. The Skills Ontology is a dynamic resource that empowers HR tech by structuring skills data across functions.  This new release makes it easier and more intuitive for users to map skills relevant to people and jobs, to create universally usable “Skills Profiles” instead of textual resumes and job descriptions. The Skills Ontology and Profiler are available as APIs and plugins.

    Jobs2Careers                                                                                                 Booth No. 1966

    Jobs2Careers is scheduled to make an announcement with details to be released at the show.

    Kununu                                                                                                           Booth No. 3540

    Kununu is releasing a set of new features to improve dialogue between employers and potential candidates. The latest release includes a Q&A where job seekers post questions not addressed via profiles and reviews. Employees and companies can respond to these open questions plus the new Helpful Thumb with each question and answer enables up voting of top responses.

    Leoforce                                                                                                         Booth No. 3350

    Leoforce released the newest version of its A.I. recruiting platform, Arya, that features a redesigned UI, candidate personality insights, recruiter engagement dashboards, English-language search in North America, European Union, Asia-Pacific, Australia-New Zealand, and South Africa and native-language search in Germany, Italy and France.

    Lever                                                                                                               Booth No. 3141

    Lever is extending the capabilities of Lever Nurture, its recruiting automation software that can double response rates from passive candidates, by rolling out Lever Nurture Recommendations. The hiring process can be improved by surfacing smart recommendations of past candidates, and the conversation re-ignited through customizable email sequences with automated follow-up. Lever Nurture and Lever Hire, the company’s ATS, work seamlessly together for talent engagement, rediscovery, interviewing and hiring.

    LinkUp                                                                                                            Booth No. 3939

    LinkUp Market Reports is new feature-set within LinkUp’s job data platform, Job Data Engine. Market Reports provides users with real-time and historical access to an extensive library of standard and customizable job market reports and analytics. The parameters of the reports can be specified by geography, industry, company, and job category. As a result, insights can range from macro and sector, to individual employer, as well as geographically at a national, state, MSA or county level.

    Maximus Life                                                                                                 Booth No. 2354P

    MaximusLife, the enterprise social impact platform is releasing to organizations this fall giving employers the ability to launch their own branded cause campaigns. With 80 million millennials wanting to engage is social good, the platform gives socially conscious organizations a simple way to engage employees & consumers in corporate giving/volunteering. In addition to stand-alone cause campaigns, the enterprise platform integrates directly into corporate Wellness programs, giving existing platforms a direct link to global charities.

    MedPut                                                                                                           Booth No. 2354EE

    MedPut is an innovative solution for the payment of out-of-pocket medical expenses, without depleting savings accounts or incurring debt. Offered as an employee benefit, MedPut steps in to pay the out-of-pocket medical bills of enrolled employees and even negotiates discounts on those bills. Each employee gets access to interest-free financing with unrestricted coverage, and bill negotiations, without impacting credit scores.  

    Modo Labs                                                                                                    Booth No. 2071

    Modo Labs, the leader in transformative enterprise-scale mobile apps, unlocks digital innovation by creating an engaging and unique employee experience. The customizable engagement platform combines existing systems and data sources that centralize workplace information and functionality. The need for coding is eliminated and administrators are empowered to create and continuously evolve the app. The most recent product update, MyPersona, allows administrators to target users based on known attributes, creating an incredibly personalized app-experience. Users can also opt-in to channels of interest for targeted communications. A Modo powered app guarantees long-term flexibility in enhancing workplace experiences.

    MOVE Guides                                                                                                Booth No. 3725

    MOVE Guides’ newly enhanced, interactive Employee Hub offers a consumer-grade interface that allows employees to find rich information about the location they are moving to, check benefits, work through the task list and timeline for their move, and directly book services from certified suppliers. Employees are provided with clear steps via proactive communication and support throughout the process. From every policy to every city, employees have what they need to ensure relocation success.

    Moovila                                                                                                          Booth No. 3041

    Moovila is a cross-functional collaboration platform that introduces accountability to the workplace, so teams can work together more effectively, from anywhere. Moovila helps HR unify all departments around tasks, projects, activities and goals. Whether onboarding a new employee or communicating company initiatives, Moovila helps streamline communications across disparate teams.

    Nexxt                                                                                                              Booth No. 3643

    The Nexxt Campaign Builder puts millions of potential candidates at the fingertips of recruiters, helping them to reach people they need to hire, in the way those people want to be reached. Campaign Builder is a first generation recruitment media platform that automates the planning and execution of multi-channel campaigns, enabling recruiters to start conversations with potential candidates via text, email, and digital advertising. 

    O.C. Tanner Company                                                                                  Booth No. 1738

    O.C. Tanner announces a new wellbeing solution, powered by Virgin Pulse, that creates a completely personalized journey that supports individuals in developing their own unique health and performance habits, and drives sustainable, long-term behavior change, strengthens workforce cultures and increases productivity. The product integrates with O.C. Tanner’s social recognition Victories platform and is infused with award-winning proprietary recognition insights.

    Olive & Cocoa                                                                                               Booth No. 3936

    Olive & Cocoa’s Grande Sweet & Savory Crate makes its trade show debut at the 2017 HR Technology Conference & Expo. Destined for the corner office, this collection of more than 20 sweet and savory edibles will help a gift-giver make their mark. The Grande Sweet & Savory Crate leads a line of unique gifts and floral arrangements that help thank, commemorate and motivate.

    OnCore Human Capital Management                                                       Booth No. 2366

    OnCore HCM announces the launch of its newest module OnCoreHire. This addition offers clients the easiest and simplest way to deliver even more efficiencies to human resources, employee benefits, and payroll.  The ability to post jobs, engage potential candidates, build customized dashboards, and send job offers from one platform built on one data set.  

    Panopto                                                                                                          Booth No. 3849

    Panopto, the video platform built for training, presenting, and communicating, has announced a new integration with the Zoom video conferencing system. The integration creates a seamless workflow between Zoom and Panopto, enabling customers to use Zoom for video-based meetings, training sessions, internal announcements, and other events, while relying on Panopto to capture those videos and automatically upload them to a secure library where they can be managed, searched, shared, and replayed on-demand.

    Pathgather                                                                                                     Booth No. 1361

    In its new release, Pathgather has built a skills data layer on top of its learning experience foundation. Between platform learning activity and new Burning Glass data, talent and L&D professionals can get real-time analytics on organizational skill supply and demand, identify skill gaps, and make learning recommendations to fill the void. This combination aligns employees career growth with organizational goals, neutralizes digital transformation, and brings the concept of talent agility to the enterprise.

    Paychex                                                                                              Booth No. 2332

    Paychex’s newest time clock reads the eye, offering a touchless punch experience that delivers the simplest, most accurate, and cost-effective solution in the market. Unlike other biometric solutions – fingerprint, hand, or even facial recognition scanners – this time clock scans the iris and eliminates obstacles that “buddy punching,” user positioning, and the workplace environment often present. Built for speed at the time of punch, employees clock in/clock out by simply looking at the device while data flows seamlessly into payroll.

    PeerPilot                                                                                             Booth No. 2354D

    PeerPilot Assesment is a new addition to its job skills assessment, which allows companies to screen and skills-assess professional talent in only one day. The foundation is based on collaborative problem solving, creative thinking, team work and data generated from thousands of candidate assessments. PeerPilot Assesment provides a mobile, normative and unbiased candidate assessment, a data rich candidate overview and skills based candidate insights.

    Perceptyx                                                                                           Booth No. 2938

    Perceptyx announces its new “Employee Polling” technology.  As a new feature of its existing employee survey action planning, managers across organizations will now have the capability to easily follow up with their teams and collect real-time pulse feedback throughout the year. This new pulse survey will be specific to each team and to their leader’s performance improvement items formed from the action planning of a previous company-wide employee survey.

    Phenom People                                                                                 Booth No. 3245

    Phenom People will unveil its Internal Mobility Platform, an internal career site helping employees explore internal job opportunities, and obtain recommendations for additional learning and development. The Referral Platform allows employees to recommend others for opportunities, and provide feedback on candidates. Career Site and Facebook Chatbots enable candidates to ask questions without navigating the career site to find the information they need, and enables the company to capture information on candidates before they apply.

    Pinsight                                                                                              Booth No. 3941

    Pinsight's Leader Readiness & Continuous Development Platform helps companies evaluate and develop internal & external talent. Live, immersive simulations include succession planning; bench strength evaluation; director & above selection and promotional decisions; and M&A, specifically when acquiring new leaders and need to measure their readiness to lead the new organization.

    randrr                                                                                                 Booth No. 1871

    randrr is a free, private career insights platform that eliminates the pain of job search by providing smart, personalized tools to help people understand how competitive their skills are in the market, visualize their career potential, see salaries for any job, and apply to their dream jobs with confidence. randrr’s product has been in beta since July and will officially launch at HR Tech in October.

    Randstad Sourceright                                                                                  Sponsor

    Randstad Sourceright is scheduled to make an announcement on a new product offering, with additional details to be released at the show.

    RChilli                                                                                                 Booth No. 2858

    RChilli, a Hiring AI tool and Analytics Solutions provider, is launching an Integration Platform for job boards and ATS. It contains integration with all HR services and apps under one roof and eliminates the need of contacting a third party for additional services and integration. App owners are invited to integrate with this platform by creating their apps which can be availed as add-ons by ATS and job boards.

    Reflektive                                                                                           Booth No. 2650

    Reflektive, a real-time performance management company, announced new features designed to empower HR leaders, managers and employees for more agile roles to drive individual and team performance. New Real-time Requests, Goal Alignment and OKR Measurement tools simplify ongoing performance improvement, giving people more control to achieve goals and advance in their careers. For HR teams, these tools reduce their administrative burden, allowing them to take more strategic roles in their organizations.

    RFP365                                                                                                           Booth No. 3436

    RFP365 is excited to announce a big addition to its RFP Management Platform. Now, when Sales and Marketing Teams receive RFPs from consultants, advisors, and brokers, they can use RFP365’s auto-answer feature which allows them to automatically generate a first pass RFP response. Less time searching for past answers means more time on custom content for the client.

    Sovren Group                                                                                                Booth No. 2461

    Sovren announces its latest product, Sovren SaaS Bimetric Matching. This cloud-based recruitment matching solution breaks down results into different categories to provide an unparalleled depth of data for every transaction. Whether searching for a candidate, or trying to match a candidate to an existing job order, Sovren’s new matching tool will identify the best fit.

    SpadeWorx                                                                                                    Booth No. 3425

    SpadeWorx will announce Bravo, which enables peer-to-peer recognition using engaging visualizations and creative tools for recognition and Organization Values at its core. Bravo helps build personal brand for employees thru celebrating successes. Leaderboards and recognition patterns provide valuable insights while instilling “pride of association” among employees.

    Stories Incorporated                                                                                     Booth No. 3050

    Stories Inc. adds a new product to their content menu: Story Shorts. Stories that don’t pair with cultural themes sometimes wind up on the cutting room floor, with Story Shorts, these quick clips are turned into standalone stories. This new product expands into varied topics while remaining within budget; acquires more great content for their library; and showcases.

    STRIVR                                                                                               Booth No. 2932

    STRIVR is an immersive technology training platform. Individuals use STRIVR’s software for a more effective training experience, reacting to situations and making decisions as if it was all happening in real life. Building on their learnings and success from using virtual reality (VR) to train athletes across the NFL, NCAA, NBA and NHL, STRIVR has launched a corporate training platform and are expanding VR training to the enterprise.

    Survale                                                                                               Booth No. 1441

    Survale’s Talent Feedback and Analytics Platform will announce new solutions for measuring and analyzing Candidate Experience, Quality of Hire, Hiring Manager Satisfaction and more.

    Talent Sonar                                                                                      Booth No. 2354H

    With Talent Sonar’s new mobile app, recruiters will never walk into an interview feeling anything less than totally prepared. With Talent Sonar on a mobile phone, it’s easy to focus on what is needed to assess a candidate while preserving excellent candidate experience. Plus, notes on a piece of paper or a whiteboard can be jotted, a picture snapped and then uploaded to submit along with feedback to the hiring manager.

    TalentIQ                                                                                              Booth No. 3422

    TalentIQ has released a new people intelligence dataset and API. This dataset includes 1.2 billion people including contact information, employment and education, social URLs, and 50+ other fields. With reliable candidate data automatically updated, recruiters no longer have to manually update candidate profiles, a huge increase in efficiency.

    Talentwunder                                                                                    Booth No. 2354TT

    Talentwunder was created to help companies find the best talent worldwide by identifying talent before they are looking for a new job. With its specialized search engine, Talentwunder provides more than one billion profiles from different social networks and identifies people that are willing to move before they have even started looking for a new job.

    TextRecruit                                                                                         Booth No. 4125

    TextRecruit’s new all-in-one platform candidate engagement platform uses text message, live chat, and artificial intelligence to help companies hire better people, faster. It does so by enabling companies to attract more talent by letting job seekers apply via text message and engage with recruiters over live chat; recruit faster with text message and AI to announce job openings, schedule interviews and screen candidates; and enage employees with text message for onboarding, open enrollment and payroll.

    The Cloud Connectors                                                                     Booth No. 1455

    The Cloud Connectors is announcing Connect Every Ware! - an easy to use Integration as a Service (IaaS) platform accessible via a web browser. Integrations between any HR software with an API can be developed and installed on Connect Every Ware! such as integrations with Oracle HCM, PeopleSoft, EBS, Taleo, Workday, iCIMS, ADP, SmashFly, and with preferred 3rd party vendors. SOAP API, REST API, Taleo Connect Client compatible.

    Training Orchestra                                                                            Booth No. 3549

    Training Orchestra is officially launching V4 of its Training Resource Management Systems (TRMS), a web solution to optimize the whole Instructor-Led Training process from scheduling and registration to resource management, cost-tracking and budget maximization. V4 offers a new, user-friendly interface, simplified workflows and integration, as well as enhanced features such as project timelines with milestones and Electronic Document Management, to easily manage large-scale training operations with increased efficiency.

    Vibe HCM                                                                                          Booth No. 3741

    Vibe HCM will showcase its new HCM Engagement Platform, designed to seamlessly deliver HR transactions, payroll and compliance plus strategic employee communications and engagement capabilities – all in a single platform branded to a company and its culture.  This SaaS solution includes features like Pulse Surveys, Agile Performance, Social Referrals, Peer Recognition and Mobile Optimized Design.  Initial modules available include Recruit, Onboard, Engage, HR, Pay and Talent.

    Virgin Pulse                                                                                       Booth No. 2145

    Virgin Pulse launches Virgin Pulse Surveys, a fully integrated, real-time feedback tool that allows employers to measure employee engagement with wellbeing programs and assess culture, productivity, and HR objectives across the workforce. This latest innovation further extends the company’s daily success platform, which supports employees across all aspects of the wellbeing journey.

    VivaHR                                                                                               Booth 2354II

    VIVAHR announces its new Culture Marketing software. Loaded with many features, VIVAHR focuses on two main challenges to the recruiting process. Drives job posting awareness through job board partners and syndication and offers AI and machine learning to create predictable scoring and automations around hiring. 

    Wade & Wendy                                                                                Booth No. 2354J

    Wendy is an AI recruiting chatbot that joins teams to expand their recruiting bandwidth. Her current capabilities include personalized qualifying conversations, profile enrichment, and intelligent filtering. Wendy learns from each engagement, expanding her capabilities over time, ultimately becoming a more valuable member of the recruiting organization.

    WCN                                                                                                   Booth No. 2925

    WCN is unveiling a predictive analytics tool with built-in Artificial Intelligence enabling recruiters to score and filter applications rapidly and zero in on the right candidates faster. This new tool lets resourcing teams manage the complete candidate recruitment journey; eliminating unconscious bias and enhancing diversity using machine-learning based technology. It reduces administrative tasks and finds previously overlooked candidates who could fit new roles. Gain insight and reasoning into which characteristics influence candidate predictive recruiting scores.

    Wepow                                                                                             Booth No. 2922

    Wepow will share details of the new Wepow Planner, which expedites and automates the scheduling of live video, phone and onsite interviews. With Wepow Planner, companies can offer flexible blocks or fixed times to candidates, encouraging them to select their primary and secondary preferred timeslots. Wepow Planner’s robust capabilities include integration with popular calendars including Outlook, Office 365, Google and Apple iCal.

    Workgrid                                                                                            Booth No. 2354BB

    Workgrid’s new digital assistant frees employees to focus on the job they were hired to do by simplifying their day—handling administrative tasks and serving up the right work and information at the right time. This modern assistant intelligently manages employees’ to-dos, notifications, approvals, workflows, messaging, social and more—by pulling together many enterprise systems and integrating your custom applications.

    Workpop                                                                                            Booth No. 3332

    Workpop is launching a new way to hire and onboard employees.  In WorkpopFlow, every aspect of the applicant tracking workflow is organized as a conversation - building relationships every step of the way. Messages are seamlessly integrated with text and email notifications, ensuring quick responses. Candidates respond and complete tasks from any device, finishing paperwork while having meaningful conversations.

    Yello                                                                                                    Booth No. 3520

    Yello’s new Application Management product enables enterprises to decrease the time candidates spend in each status while humanizing the candidate experience, globally and at scale. Application Management fills the gaps in the hiring process.

    Zeroedin                                                                                             Booth No. 3542

    Zeroedin unveils skill for Amazon Alexa for voice-enabled people analytics.  The new Zeroedin skill for Alexa gives clients immediate access to flash briefings and insights on key workforce issues without lifting a finger.  Users make requests like “What is our total compensation for each region?”, or “Provide a flash briefing on turnover” and Alexa retrieves the results. Clients can customize their flash briefings inside Zeroedin’s people analytics suite and make them available through Alexa. 

    Zugata                                                                                                Booth No. 3935

    Zugata has released new features for both employee evaluation and development. The Zugata platform now includes a highly customizable evaluation module for objective performance measurement. In addition, a new product feature delivers personalized, on-demand courses and recommended career coaches to help employees advance their skills.

    Zyvo                                                                                                    Booth No. 2354OO

    Zyvo is launching its Neuro-Assessments and Zyvo Predictive Analytics Box. The solution combines adaptive psychometrics, neuro-science and machine learning with organizational data to predict revenue, retention, customer satisfaction and other business outcomes. The Neuro-Assessments are a gamified solution to measure personality and cognitive traits that are fun to play, bias free and a fast way to learn about the talents of candidates.

    The full agenda and registration for the 20th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition® can be accessed at www.HRTechConference.com or by calling toll-free 1-800-727-1227.

    About Human Resource Executive®
    Human Resource Executive® magazine was established in 1987 and continues today as the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR. Written primarily for vice presidents and directors of human resources, the magazine provides these key decision-makers with news, profiles of HR visionaries and success stories of human resource innovators. Stories cover all areas of human resource management, including talent management, benefits, healthcare training and development, HR information systems, relocation, retirement planning, and employment law. For more information, visit www.hreonline.com.

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  • Human Resource Executive magazine
    Human Resource Executive® was established in 1987 and continues today as the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR. Written for vice presidents and directors of human resources....

  • Human Resource Executive® was established in 1987 and continues today as the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR. Written for vice presidents and directors of human resources, the magazine provides these key decision-makers with news, profiles of HR visionaries and success stories of human resource innovators. Stories cover all areas of human resource management, including talent management, employee benefits, health care, learning and leadership, HR information systems, relocation, retirement planning, and employee engagement.

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