2017 Conference Details

InFlight Corporation  

Easthampton,  MA 
United States
  • Booth: 3049

InFlight modernizes Taleo, PeopleSoft and other HR software, creating responsive web applications that work flawlessly across the full continuum of user devices—desktop, tablet, smartphone and even wearable devices. InFlight enables organizations to easily surface HR application content into Drupal, SharePoint or other portals for all employees.

Avoid the disruption and cost of migrating

InFlight eliminates the need to migrate to a new HR system to get updated capabilities, mobile apps and a modern UX, so customers can stay on PeopleSoft, Taleo, etc.

Preserve the integrity of target systems

InFlight requires no changes or upgrades to target systems. Our hands-off approach honors the existing security, customizations and business logic of your underlying applications.

Avoid long, drawn out IT projects

InFlight is cloud-based and is “hands-off” your enterprise software. All your data remains in the system of record.

Visit www.inflightintegration.com for more details

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  • (Sep 04, 2017)

    Create an effortless Taleo experience and get more completed applications

    It's a proven fact that 60% of job applications are abandoned due to length or complexity. InFlight quickly and cost effectively fixes the candidate experience on Taleo with flawless mobile optimization and employer branding support. Simplified and shortened apply process steps--including deferred Taleo accoutn creation. Simple, one-step applications that require no changes to Taleo. 

    We can help you create an implementation plan, timeline and budget for achieving a world class candidate experience using Taleo.

    Learn more, stop by Booth 3049 or visit: http://www.inflightintegration.com/taleo


  • InFlight Aura for Talent Acquisition
    InFlight Aura is a virtual layer on top of your existing Taleo or other ATS which provides a mobile optimized and streamlined application process that reduces application drop-off and fill roles faster and with better candidates....

  • Revitalize aging applicant tracking systems

    InFlight Aura for Talent Acquisition puts a modern, mobile-friendly user experience on top of the entire application process from start to finish. Our ground-breaking approach makes it easy to deliver a world-class applicant experience using your existing Taleo, or other applicant tracking system. 

    Mobile-optimized - 90% of job seekers are using mobile devices to look for opportunities. Our responsive web solution provides a seamless candidate experience across all user devices – desktop, tablet or mobile. It’s easy to implement elegant and efficient mobile apply for Taleo and other ATSs

    Defer Taleo account creation - Up to 60% of applications are abandoned at the Taleo account creation state. InFlight enables you to defer user registration until after the application is complete.

    Create Fast-track applications - InFlight enables recruiters to easily remove steps from the Taleo apply process without having to set up a new Career Section or make changes to Taleo. The results is a short, one step job application that increases your completion rates.

    Easily add Advanced Analytics - Optimize your recruiting efforts to fill jobs faster. InFlight Aura for Talent Acquisition augments existing ATS analytics capabilities to provide a deeper understanding of candidates.

    Improve the recruiter experience for Taleo - InFlight can also simplify and enhance the usability of the Taleo Recruiter view making it simple and easy for recruiters to manage candidates and applications from mobile devices.

    Avoid the IT headaches 

    InFlight Aura installs in hours and delivers quick wins with high-impact results so you can avoid long, costly IT projects! InFlight doesn’t replicate the things Taleo does well:

    • Data and security constructs remain in the system of record and nothing is cached
    • No changes to Taleo or infrastructure required
    • InFlight deploys in the cloud or on-prem