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Temecula,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 2938

Perceptyx provides a revolutionary approach to improving employee engagement & organizational effectiveness. Our employee survey process is based upon a powerfully intuitive & proprietary technology with real-time reporting features, best-practices for improvement & action planning tools.


  • Perceptyx Employee Survey Platform
    Perceptyx built the world’s first online, employee survey platform. We manage millions of survey responses, deliver industry-leading data analysis and reporting tools, and provide manager reports in any language. All in real-time....

  • Integrated HR analytics to actionable insights

    The Perceptyx technology provides the tools that HR staffs need to drive data-based decisions about people. You will have ability to explore the linkages between employee opinions and business metrics such as regretted turnover, absenteeism, performance, safety statistics, and important financial metrics like customer satisfaction, sales or revenue. Even post-survey terminations can be easily added to enable turnover analysis and derive predictive models of turnover in critical skill groups.

    Positive-Organizational-Alignment™ analytics illustrate the differences in the profiles of those who leave the company versus those that stay, or teams that drive high customer satisfaction versus those with lower customer satisfaction. These comparisons identify the key differentiators, which then drive action that can result in significant cost savings or drive new revenue and market share. Don’t guess at what causes attrition or customer satisfaction; use HR analytics via the Perceptyx platform to get answers.

    Our alignment approach, advanced technology and tools are being used in leading companies such as: P&G, GE, Comcast, Standard Chartered, Fedex, Johnson & Johnson and Hitachi.