2017 Conference Details

SumTotal, A Skillsoft Company  

Nashua,  NH 
United States
  • Booth: 1932

At HR Tech The Skillsoft Group presents…the only unified Human Capital Management solution, SumTotal Systems, and the most modern immersive learning platform, Percipio.

SumTotal Systems, LLC, a Skillsoft Company, is the world's only unified Human Capital Management Solution. SumTotal's award-winning Talent Expansion Suite enables companies to attract, know, mobilize, develop, progress and reward their workforce. SumTotal is continuously innovating to best meet the market challenges of attracting, retaining, developing and engaging the multi-generational workforce. The Talent Expansion Suite includes three key components -Talent, Learn and Work. Learn more here: www.sumtotalsystems.com

Percipio is the state of the art learning platform from Skillsoft.  With almost 20 years' experience in building learning technologies, and having already trained more than 400 million learners, Skillsoft delivers through Percipio exactly what users are looking for - Netflix style, cutting edge technology and consumer-led design, creating hand crafted, personalized and tailored experiences to the individual's learning and development requirements. Percipio delivers competency-based channels that deliver the very best learning outcomes in an efficient, flexible and adaptive user experience. Going forward, using machine learning and AI, Skillsoft will continue to enhance that tailored and personalized learning experience. Learn more here: https://www.skillsoft.com/percipio/


  • Percipio
    Percipio is Skillsoft's beautiful learning platform that helps learners find content quickly, complete a topic in less than 5 minutes, come back to their course, wherever, whenever they like while being guided through learning paths, & curated content....

  • Today’s learner demands the kind of experience at work that they have become accustomed to from consumer brands like Google, Amazon, and Netflix. Our solution is Percipio, a beautiful immersive learning platform.

    Learners can make the most of their precious time and create lasting change inside organizations using Percipio.  Learners can take advantage of pre-curated channels, micro-learning courses, and choice of where, when, and how to learn in a modern user-centered learning experience. Administrators are able to create and assign learning paths, visually monitor progress using charts and graphs, and link learning to business objectives and quantify program value.

    Percipio is powered by Skillsoft, the leader in corporate eLearning, the only provider that delivers a truly immersive learning experience and a multi modal content library of courseware, videos, and books.
  • SumTotal Work
    SumTotal Work makes Time & Attendance, Scheduling and Absence Management your competitive advantage by optimizing workforce productivity with total process automation helping you to mitigate compliance risk and maximize your top- and bottom-line growth....

  • Do more than keep pace. Get rid of manual processes, grow your bottom line and achieve compliance with SumTotal Work. 

    SumTotal Workforce Management protects your bottom line by ensuring your organization deploys the right number of people at the right time and place—and at the right cost.

    • Time & Attendance
      Record your employees’ time & attendance with multiple easy-to-use timesheet options. Leverage our exclusive comprehensive rules engine which sets SumTotal apart with its capability to deliver a personalized experience paired with the configuration and extensibility to meet your organization's requirements—without costly customization.
    • Scheduling
      Schedule by employee, job or role and align skills to the tasks at hand to ensure the best person is assigned. From within an integrated view, make drag-and-drop changes, track availability and counts, and confirm that certifications and trainings are current.
    • Absence Management
      Track and record any and all time away from work. Organization-wide, salary or hourly, one solution handles it all from sick and vacation days to extended time away. End users can even submit intermittent and recurring absences in one simple request.

    SumTotal Expense Management handles every aspect of business expense processing, including travel and entertainment (T&E), and easily integrates with all expense reporting systems. Manage compliance risks and adhere to spending and travel policies with one solution.

    SumTotal Payroll & Benefits Management features rapid processing speeds and heightened levels of accuracy. Our configurable tools process error-free and timely pay and benefits every single time effectively eliminating the “work” from your workflow processes. Paired with internally maintained taxation and regulatory reporting, you can rest assured that your organization is in full regulatory compliance.

  • SumTotal Learn
    SumTotal Learn connects the dots between the skills and competencies people need to be better at their jobs, delivered in the context of what they are trying to accomplish, and prepares organizations to improve performance....

  • SumTotal Learn is the industry’s most comprehensive learning platform delivers a robust set of capabilities through a simple, personalized and compelling user experience that keeps your people engaged in learning to continuously grow the capabilities of your workforce and outperform your competitors.

    With SumTotal Learn organizations have the flexibility to support simple-to-complex learning delivery to meet even the most demanding formal training and certification needs, while also enabling virtual classrooms, blended learning programs and informal knowledge sharing to appeal to the demands of an increasingly diverse workforce. We’re innovating to make learning more accessible, continuous and adaptable than ever before – making it simple for users to connect with personalized learning and content throughout their work and get the approvals required to take the learning needed. SumTotal supports the latest browsers and with the responsive design users aren’t constrained by technology whether at their desk using a desktop or on the move with their laptop or tablets. SumTotal also offers a Mobile App that provides a streamlined experience for learners who need to take training on their smartphone -online or offline- so that they can maximize their time when they aren’t at a desk. 

    With SumTotal you can harness today’s most innovative and robust learning management system to engage your workforce, create a culture of growth, resolve skills gaps to elevate your workforce, grow a pipeline of leaders to strengthen the organization, enable talent agility to meet tomorrow’s business demands and educate and enable your extended enterprise of customers and partners.

  • SumTotal Talent
    SumTotal Talent delivers a robust and holistic approach to optimizing the capabilities of your people, throughout their employment journey including Performance, Compensation, Succession, Recruiting & Onboarding, and 360 Feedback modules....

  • SumTotal Talent delivers a robust and holistic approach to optimizing the capabilities of your people including Performance, Compensation, Succession, Recruiting & Onboarding, and 360 Feedback modules. Achieving success through your people is becoming harder than ever given rapidly changing business demands coupled with evolving workforce expectations. To remain competitive, organizations must find new ways to know, mobilize, develop, grow and reward their people.

    SumTotal’s Talent solutions make it possible for organizations to deliver an individualized development experience, where people are connected to meaningful and actionable insight that helps them make growing skills and capabilities a part of every day.  We’re delivering intuitive tools that help employees and managers understand how their skills and competencies compare with their current and future rules, build a development plan that identifies skills gaps and suggests activities to close the gap, enable managers to see key metrics of their team and view and provide continuous feedback, set goals that are aligned with the organization, and tailor compensation and succession planning processes to the rules and requirements of the organization. 

    With SumTotal your organization can have a holistic view of your people, throughout their employment journey, empowering every role in the organization to chart a self-directed path for individualized development that will impact their performance and your business.