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OnBlick is a SaaS-based application developed with the motive of streamlining HR and Immigration processes to ensure Organizational Compliance. OnBlick is enhanced with features like H-1B case management, electronic I-9, SOC predictor and many more that add tremendous value to the organizations.


OnBlick, an End to End HR & Immigration Compliance Platform.

 Press Releases

  • November 19 2018

    OnBlick is recognized as the Top 10 HRMS solution providers for the year 2018 by HR Tech Outlook. HR Tech Outlook is a print platform that is guiding the CHRO’s to leverage new technologies and embrace the future by turning their attention to growth, cost reduction, and competitive differentiation.

    This recognition is considered a reward for OnBlick’s value-adding features that helps organizations in staying compliant. As compliance facilitators, OnBlick team believes that HR teams can be empowered with intelligent systems to minimize HR and Immigration impacts.

    OnBlick is one such intelligent software that is moving forward with the motive of empowering employers by guiding them through nuances around HR and Immigration compliance.

    It assimilates data from the regulatory sources such as O*Net/FLC Data/BLS.gov and suggests appropriate SOC codes and wage levels for filing H-1B petitions. A built-in H-1B case management system helps employers in the document collection, online filing of Form I-129 and creation of H-1B petition. Thus, making it an all-in-one platform to initiate, manage and track all the H-1B petitions.

    Krishna Garimella, the founder and CEO of OnBlick, says that “Successful Enterprise products are those that address the real challenges of an organization.” He further added that “OnBlick is designed and developed in a way that it addresses all such challenges of the HR and Immigration processes.”

    OnBlick’s immigration enabled Electronic I-9 system not only digitalizes I-9s but also helps employers in assigning Authorized Representatives for remote hires.

    It is a regulatory requirement for an employer to create the Public Access File (PAF) as soon as they initiate a Labor Condition Application (LCA). Now the creation of a Public Access File is no more a hassle with OnBlick’s feature of automating PAFs. It creates and retains a PAF within seconds after employers upload an in-progress LCA making the organization audit-ready.

    Citing one of OnBlick’s success stories Shravan Kore, Co-founder and COO of OnBlick points out a client, who has received a 3-day notice for a regulatory audit. OnBlick was able to assist the employer in doing an internal audit and making all the Form I-9s ready for an ICE audit thereby helping them avoid penalties that can sum up to hundreds and thousands of dollars.

    Srikanth Boundugulapati, Co-founder and CTO of OnBlick, comments that “We are so proud of the growth we have accomplished and by the end of 2019, we aim to serve at least 1000 clients and assists them in maintaining compliance.”

    Here Are Some of the Key Features of OnBlick

    • Easy Onboarding
    • Establish Employee- Employer relationship
    • ICE Audits & IMAGE Readiness
    • E-Verify Web Services
    • I-983 Training Plans & Supervision
    • FDNS Site Visit Assistance
    • E-signature integration
    • Employee Self Service
    • Timesheets & Leave Management
    • Organization Chart
    • Payroll Integrations

  • October 20 2018

    Well, that’s true! Compliance has been a major issue for most of the companies from the last 2-3 years. After getting exposed by the regulatory authorities (DOL, ICE & USCIS) many companies ended up paying huge penalties. In the year 2018, DOL alone imposed penalties of $304 Million, which could go well over $500 Million for the year 2019.

    Though the world of employment is moving forward with the advancement of technology, organizational compliance still remains a major challenge for employers. 

    “The tools that are currently available address only a part of the problem. Also, a lot of tools in this domain are primarily designed for convenience to the user rather than making their process compliant”, Says Krishna Garimella, Founder & CEO of OnBlick.

    “OnBlick’s R&D team has done extensive research on the HR & Immigration processes followed by different organizations and the challenges they face. It boiled down to major challenges in Systems, Processes & People” he further adds.

    • Distributed systems and tools between Hiring, Onboarding and Compliance are leading to violations without the employer’s intention.
    • Most of the companies do not have policy-driven processes. A few have written down policies for compliance but could not follow through on the Implementation of these policies.
    • Lack of HR’s or concerned people’s understanding or knowledge in the area of compliance is leading to compliance failure.

    In a recent report released by Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), a total of 5,891 audit notices (I-9) were issued in FY 2018, which is a 350% increase compared to 1,360 audit notices issued in FY 2017. Even the denial rate for H-1B petitions skyrocketed in FY 2019 (first quarter), which has reached an all-time high of 32%.

    “We continue to evolve in the area of HR & Immigration, covering a much broader scope for organizational Compliance. We strive to bring in all the HR & Immigration processes under one platform so organizations can be more assured that they abide by the regulatory requirements”, says Srikanth Boundugulapati, Co-Founder & CTO of OnBlick.

     “Over the last 15 months, we have worked with over 200+ companies to help them understand the nuances around compliance and improvise their processes using OnBlick. In doing so, we were able to get deeper insights into their behavior and understanding of compliance. This helped us in bridging the gap between what is and what should be”, says Shravan Kore, Co-Founder and COO.

    OnBlick currently helps employers in digitalizing data and automating their processes. It makes your Onboarding easy and compliant with its highly reliable Electronic I-9 / E-verify process. It’s H1B Case Management starts with SOC code predictor which helps in Increasing the chances of approval. It ensures Immigration compliance by automating necessary PAFs (Public Access files) instantly. OnBlick is enriched with many more value-adding features that ensure your organization’s compliance.


  • OnBlick HR & Immigration Compliance Software
    Maintaining your HR & Immigration Compliance is now just a click away....

  • OnBlick HR aims at bridging the gap between employers and their immigration compliance through Guided processes. Employers can now understand SOC codes, Specialty occupations to arrive at appropriate wage levels and showcase employer hiring practices (wage/education) for better H-1B approvals. It eliminates human error by digitalizing the documents using the electronic Form I-9/E-verify, Auto-PAF and Form I-983. Get guidance on FDNS site visits with 60+ questionable parameters for all the employees and HR. Be prepared on I9 Audit anytime. Insightful HR reports give a perspective into the workforce and Employee Self Service capabilities assure seamless onboarding experience. Staying up-to-date on ever-changing laws is no more a hassle with OnBlick.
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