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IEP’s with n2y’s Polaris: Where Teams Align & Learners Shine

  • Session Number: SS4
Monday, April 19, 2021: 2:30 PM - 3:45 PM


Megan Moore
Product Director of Positivity & Polaris


​Nothing puts a student on the road to success like a collaborative of educators and caregivers working in sync to provide a consistent, customized learning journey. Who makes up the large and diverse team charged with working together and demonstrating accountability for each student’s success? Parents, students, administrators, general and special education teachers, speech pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, and numerous other specialists relevant to the student. And until now, there’s been no reliable way to coordinate the ongoing swirl of data, reporting, observations, and input from these individuals. No way to ensure they are in alignment, in compliance, and keeping students progressing not only toward their educational goals but on a successful path to independence. Polaris revolutionizes the work of the IEP team with the power of collaboration, automation, high visibility, and ongoing data-driven decision-making.  n2y was founded on the belief that everyone can learn. For more than 20 years we’ve worked tirelessly to improve the lives of our students and those who serve them. And because our team is made up of special educators as well as parents and caregivers of unique learners, we bring an exceptional spirit, compassion, and expertise to all we do. That’s why, when we set out to build the ideal compliance solution to improve the lives of our largest cross-section of stakeholders, we kept the focus on the positive...on empowering teams...and on always ensuring students are at the heart of our vision.  Our experts designed Polaris with care and great personal investment in the welfare of every student.  Created with the philosophy that “we’re all in this together, and together, we will ensure positive outcomes for students in school and in life.” Polaris is a highly collaborative and inviting environment, with task automation, helpful prompts, and support to guide all team members through a complex process of writing high-quality, meaningful education plans. At every stage, the team can be confident that their work is driven by current student performance data, for the most positive outcomes possible. Polaris provides a collaborative approach to building educational plans from beginning to end by breaking down the process into 4 easy stages to support you along the way: Plan, Write, Execute, and Report. The Plan stage of Polaris helps teams collaborate to build IEPs based on student performance inclusive of strengths and needs. Polaris dynamically provides suggestions based on student data for assessments, goals, accommodations and modifications to guide the IEP writing process. Polaris helps teams to document a student’s baseline level of performance and assists in further prioritizing areas of focus as well as writing individualized, SMART goals for the IEP. The next stage in Polaris is Write. As performance data has been documented and goals have been written, information added in Plan automatically transfers into the Write section of Polaris to assist teams in developing an accurate Present Level and prepare for writing the actual IEP. All information can be edited, copied and transferred to the IEP management system with ease. Once the IEP has been finalized, the Execute stage of Polaris provides a clear and consistent way for teams to track and monitor student progress on goals as well as access resources and instructional materials to further help support the student’s learning and practice.  The Report stage of Polaris provides systematic documentation of key information such as goal progress, assessment results, and global status reports. Time-saving generation of reports facilitates analysis of student growth and progress, student performance data and overall compliance documentation. Say ‘good-bye’ to the uncertainty, confusion, pressure, and anxiety of yesterday’s compliance process. Say ‘welcome’ to Polaris, and help every student find their way to shine!


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