Pottery Paradise  

Richmond,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 2836

We sell a variety of Frost Proof Pottery and Decor via our drop ship pallet programs and container programs. 

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Shipping Charges (Minimum = $2,000)

  • Order $2,000-$4,999 and pay only $249
  • Order $5,000+ and receive free freight 

Products Include:

  • Vietnamese Ceramic Pottery-Glaze & Atlantis
  • Chinese Ceramic Glazed Pottery
  • Chinese Rustic Pottery
  • Chinese Fiber Clay Pottery
  • Chinese Fiber Cement Pottery
  • Chinese Basalt Stone
  • Statuary
  • Birdbaths 
  • Gazing Balls
  • Fountains
  • Plastic Bases


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 Show Specials

  • Vietnamese Overstock Pottery Clearance! Only $315 FOB/Pallet OR $8,000 FOB Full Trailer (28 Pallets Total). Randomly Assorted Styles and Colors. 

    Click Here to View Overstock Pottery Clearance! 

    • Choose from 11 CHG Overstock Programs
    • Each Program has Different Confugration
    • Pottery Size Ranges from 8"-25"
    • Quantity/Pallet Range from 22-37 Pieces 
    • Customer Pays All Freight; we can provide quote 


  • PROMO Pallets
    Our beautifully glazed PROMO Pallets are FROST PROOF! Traditional colors include Forest Green and Blue. NEW colors include Lavender and Fireworks Green. All sets of 4 are between $87.60 and $99.50.
    Made in China and Vietnam. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!...
  • Vietnamese Atlantis Pottery
    All Vietnamese Atlantis Pottery is Frost Proof! Contemporary shapes meet trendy oceanic colors. We have added tall jars and squares with Atlantis rim and glaze body too....

  • Click Here to View Atlantis Pottery Inventory.

    This category includes tall and small pottery.

    The final Atlantis finish is sand blasted on during production. 

  • Statuary
    Statuary Made in Vietnam. Great attention to detail! Medium, Small and Miniature Sizes Available.
    NEW Statuary Planters with drilled hole on pallets MP1901A and MP1902A. FROST PROOF!...

  • Click here to View ALL Statuary and Garden Décor! 

    Medium, Small and Miniature Statuary Available

    Garden Décor includes Saucers, Gazing Balls, and Birdbaths! 


  • Birdbaths
    NEW Birdbaths made in China. Shades of White, Blue, Green and Copper along with trendy designs. Multiple Sizes Available. FROST PROOF!...

  • Click Here to View ALL Birdbath Pallets! Copper and Fireworks Blue are featured photos. 

    Made in China. 2 Different Pallet Programs (1 Traditional & 1 Trendy). 

  • Fiber Clay
    Fiber Clay Pottery is the latest new trend in the pottery industry. Fiber Clay is made from fiberglass combined with clay and a composite to make it durable and FROST PROOF! Made in China.


  • We have expanded our Chinese Fiber Clay Lightweight Program!

    • Pottery With Feet (Easily Twist On/Off)
    • New Colors Include Ivory, Rust & Ironstone 

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