Ceramo Company, Inc.

Jackson,  MO 
United States
  • Booth: 1512

In the almost 75 years that Ceramo Company has been supplying America's leading garden centers with world-class pottery, we have grown from being a small regional producer of red clay pots into one of the industry’s top distributors of flower pots and planters from every corner of the globe.

We feature flower pots and planters from almost 20 different manufacturers located in 8 different countries, and our catalog collections offer one of the largest product selections in the industry. 

Ceramo sells its pots directly to independent garden centers across the country. 


  • Spring Fever Display Pallet - Bright Colors!
    Clay pots and saucers powder-coated in bright, fun colors are packed on a custom-built wooden display pallet. This is our top-selling collection, and show orders will receive an additional 48 pots for free!...

  • It’s been a crazy couple of years since we introduced our Spring Fever collection, as these bright colors have absolutely taken the garden center world by storm. The pallet assortment shown here has become our top-selling display, and has consistently blown us away with re-stocking orders. This collection is a sure-fire hit for just about any retail environment.

    • These pots and saucers are crafted from high-fired terra cotta.
    • All pots and saucers are coated inside and out with richly-colored, durable, waterproof powder coat.
    • The pots are packed in our three most popular sizes, with saucers to fit each:
    • 4” / 6” / 8”
    • The pots and saucers are assorted in 8 glossy colors:
    • Red / Orange / Yellow / Bright Green / Robin’s Egg Blue / Violet / Raspberry Pink / White
    • All pots have drainage holes
    • Packed on an eye-catching, durable wooden 4-shelf display pallet
    • All pots and saucers have UPC stickers attached

    AT-SHOW SPECIAL: Pack includes 48 x  FREE 2.75” Levante pots in matching colors

  • Granite Clay Display Pallet
    Our new Granite clay has been red hot this season - the white body is lightly marbled, which creates a sophisticated, subtle effect. These pots work in any interior setting, and are perfect for a wide range of houseplants....

  • The Standard Pot is a timeless planter, and as such needs to be an essential part of every garden centers’ merchandising plan. But just because your customers expect you to carry these planters, doesn’t mean that you are limited to same-old red clay classics. We suggest adding this display pallet to shake things up - it packs 420 pots and saucers onto a custom-built wooden display pallet. We’ve included the traditional Standard Pot shape for the smaller sizes, and the contemporary Calima Standard Pot for the larger pieces.

    All shapes and sizes are constructed from our brand new ivory-white “Granite” clay, which features a creamy white body with slight marbling. These pots are crafted in Germany to exacting standards, and are suitable for year-round use in most climates. All pots and saucers have drainage holes and UPC stickers attached.