Garden of Mini Delights

Bellevue,  ID 
United States
  • Booth: 2775

Gardening in Miniature is becoming increasingly popular,  and we have everything needed for an artisan level garden:  the perfect pots, the right tools and correctly scaled props. A good miniature garden tells a story or evokes an emotion:  we sell props individually & in kits.  The WheelBarrow Caddy come as a pair and attaches easily and securely to any wheelbarrow,  keeping tools organized, dry, and always available.   The Tool Belt is excellent for crafters,  florists,  equestrians and event organizers, with 6 pocket options and snapped belt to hold whatever you need at hand.

Brands: Garden of Mini Delights specializes in Pots, Props, Tools and Lighting for gardening in miniature. Lola's Tool Organizers has two products at the show: the Wheelbarrow Tool Caddy and Tool Belt.


  • Wheelbarrow Caddy
    LoLa's Wheelbarrow Tool Caddy is a must for anybody who uses a wheelbarrow to garden, for landscaping or construction. Each side bolts easily onto any wheelbarrow, and keeps all your tools organized, clean and dry....

  • Lola's Wheelbarrow Caddy is a MUST for anybody who uses a wheelbarrow to Garden, Landscape,  for construction or even a horseshow.  It comes as a pair - needed for balance -and  bolts easily onto any wheelbarrow with included hardware.  The Caddy keeps all your tools organized, clean, dry and at hand leaving the bucket empty for weeds, dirt or whatever.   There is a zippered dry pocket on each side for seeds and other water sensitive items so if you forget and leave it out no harm done! The material is very durable,  withstands rain, snow and weather for years.  The pockets are slanted back so when you empty the bucket all your tools stay put.  The Caddies come in an attractive tube and are sold by the dozen pairs.
  • Garden Wands
    Our Garden Wands are designed for Gardening in Miniature, container gardening and terrariums which require the right tools to plant, transplant and maintain. They are perfect gifts: cast bronze, well balanced, functional and beautiful.

  • Our Garden Wands are the right tools for Gardening in Miniature,  Containers and Fairy Gardens, indoors and out.   Terrarium gardeners have found them indispensible as well due to the long shaft.   They are beautifully cast in bronze,  well balanced and imprinted with the GMD emblem leaf.  They provide the 4 most important tools needed to plant, transplant and maintain a small garden.   Anybody who has tried to move a serissa or pilea can appreciate the small size "Scoopula" which won't impinge on neighboring roots but can pick up the smallest fern to the largest confier in patio containers.  Planting becomes a breeze with the Scoopula removing just the right amount of dirt and then the Tamper on the other end fitting beautifully between root ball and pot edge or neighboring plants. The Rake and Weeder are for Maintenance,  manicuring around tiny plants, picking out small leaves from a ground cover and delicately reaching an offending weed without damage to the plantings.  The Garden Wands come on an eco friendly card in boxes of 12.