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InstantHedge offers 20+ varieties of finished hedges in 3 convenient sizes with multiple packaging options.

They are cultivated using patented technology with repeated shoot and root prunings to result in full, lush, thriving hedges with healthy fibrous root systems resulting in little to no transplant shock. 

The hedges are pre-spaced and most often shipped in biodegradable cardboard boxes to eliminate waste and ease planting.

Some of our most popular varieties are European Beech, Hicks Yew, & Arbrovitae.

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  • InstantHedge 3-4' and 5-6' Hedge
    3-4' and 5-6' InstantHedge
    Pre-finished hedges...

  • InstantHedge is the fastest, easiest way to plant a hedge - period. Only with InstantHedge can you plant a finished hedge in one day.

    The hedges are grown in Oregon using patented technology to create vigorous, healthy hedges that transition seamlessly from harvest to planting. We can harvest any time of year and ship anywhere in the US. Order turnaround is typically 2 weeks or less, with shipping taking 1-5 days. We work with several high-quality freight carriers to get the best rates possible while ensuring the safety of the hedges in transit. 

    Each hedge unit is 40" long and 14" thick, with 4 plants per unit. They are shipped in biodegradable cardboard boxes that can be planted with the hedge. There are also options to ship in woven fabric bags or cedar boxes.

    There are over 20 hedge types currently available, with more set to be available in the next few years. Some of our most popular types are European Beech, Hicks Yew, Arborvitae, Cherry-laurel, and European Hornbeam.

  • InstantHedge 18-24" Hedge
    18-24" tall pre-finished hedges are available in 2 different varieties: Green Mountain Boxwood and Little Simon Arborvitae. Each unit is 32" long and is container-grown for easy handling. Perfect for knot gardens or instant low borders....

  • The 18-24" hedges from InstantHedge are unbelieveably quick and easy to install, and their finished look right after installation is unparalleled. Customers have a habit of ordering some, installing them, and ordering a lot more right away after seeing the results!

    Each unit is 32" long, 10" thick, 18-24" tall, and contains 5 plants. They are container-grown and weigh under 40 lbs each, making them easy for one person to maneuver. Simply lift the unit from the plastic container and set in your trench, end-to-end with the other units. 

    Currently we have two varieties available: Green Mountain Boxwood and Little Simon Arborvitae. Both are slow-growing and easy to maintain as a low border. The boxwood hedges are perfect for creating a traditional knot garden, and the dwarf Little Simon is a beautiful substitute for boxwood in areas that have blight issues. There are three more types set for release in 2020 as well.

    The hedges are shipped on pallet racks with 24 units per rack, making shipping simple and affordable.