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  • KoirPeat Brick
    KoirPeat bricks are specially made for retail stores and nurseries. It is a bioorganic substrate that has exceptional characteristics that promote plant growth exponentially....

  • KoirPeat bricks are an ideal option for use in troughs, hanging baskets, pots or other applications that require relatively less material. A compressed KoirPeat brick expands quickly to about 2 gallons of potting mix.  The KoirPeat brick can be custom labeled and individually packaged with shrink-wrap for retail sale, in accordance with customer requirements. 

    Typical Applications:

    • Home gardening
    • Hanging baskets
    • Flower pots
    • Vegetable gardens
  • KoirLiner
    KoirLiner is a natural pre-formed coir fiber liner which is suitable for placing inside wire baskets. It can be potted up with soil or soilless media....

  • While growers can easily use KoirLiner with the conventional overhead watering method, it is ideal for ebb and flow systems as well. It absorbs water and nutrients from the ebb and flow tray. They allow the nutrients to quickly drench the roots, as the water disperses immediately. KoirLiner is available in various sizes and shapes.


    • Requires less watering due to water retention
    • Allows better aeration for roots
    • Extends the life of hanging baskets
    • Ideal for indoor planting
    • Faster growth and healthier plants
    • Anti-fungal characteristics


    • Hanging baskets
    • Terrace gardening
    • Window boxes