Organic Laboratories, Inc.

Fort Pierce,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 2020

Our company started in 1996 by manufacturing products to serve commercial growers, citrus markerts, and golf courses. Our products are UNIQUE and designed to work as well or better than harsh chemicals. Our niche products are suitable for ALL growers, not just organic growers!

While keeping Environmental Stewardship in mind, our products are either:

  • Pure Organic Listed by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute)
  • Organic / Synthetic Blends
  • Earth-friendly synthetics with low impact on the environment

We are constantly researching and developing new products for a variety of users.


  • ORGANOCIDE BEE SAFE 3-in-1 Garden Spray
    An OMRI Listed Insecticide, Fungicide & Miticide that kills the eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults, of over 25 small soft bodied insects & mites and certain fungal diseases such as powdery mildew.

  • The dense oils suffocate insects by contact, so insects can’t develop a resistance.

    Leaves a micro-film on the plant which repels egg-laying females.

    Will not harm beneficial insects such as bees, lady bugs or butterflies.

    Can be sprayed at harvest time.

    Can be sprayed near bodies of water, ponds, streams.

    Can be used on indoor plants.

    Use in organic gardening on vegetables, fruits, nuts, vine crops, herbs, ornamentals, greenhouse crops, turfgrass, landscape plants, bulbs, flowers and field crops.

    People, planet and pet friendly!

  • Axon 3-0-6 Turf Defense Activator
    A Liquid Fertilizer containing Nitrogen, Potassium, Kelp Extracts, Humic Acids, Iron Chelate, Blackstrap Cane & Corn Molasses and Amino Acids,...

  • AXON is a specially formulated liquid nitrogen and potassium fertilizer designed for turf and ornamentals. It is intended to encourage rooting, green-up without growth surge and increased stress tolerance. Humic Acids and Amino Acids are added to increase nutrient availability.

    Kelp Extracts and Blackstrap Cane and Corn Molasses are added as a natural source of nutrients.