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Introducing MicroSTART ® Premium Compost

The all-natural, organic way to condition your soil and produce large, healthy plants, fruits and vegetables.

Brands: microSTART Premium Soils


  • microSTART Premium Compost
    microSTART(TM) Organic Compost soil amendment is made from composted forest products, poultry processing by products and poultry manure.


  • microSTART(TM) Organic Compost:

    • Improves soil structure, especially in sandy and heavy clay soils.

    • Helps increase nutrient availability.

    • Improves the rhizosphere of active fungi, microorganisms and soil bacteria

                 around plant roots benefitting plant growth.

    • Increases soil porosity by adding rich organic matter.

    • Can be certifiable for organic crop production. Approval from your local organic

                 certifier prior to use is recommended.