Rare Tree Nursery

Silverton,  OR 
United States
  • Booth: 1101

Rare Tree Nursery offers an incredible selection of dwarf conifers, Japanese maples, and more, from liner sizes to mature specimens. Whether you are a landscaper, landscape designer, or garden center, we can supply you with high-quality rare plants.


  • Dwarf Conifers
    1000+ varieties of Dwarf Conifers from liners to mature specimens...

  • Slow-growing conifers are incredibly popular for their slow rate of growth and unmatched hardiness. Dwarf conifers offer every imaginable growth habit, making them very versatile for landscapes.
  • Japanese Maples
    Hundreds of varieties of Japanese Maples in all colors, shapes, and sizes...

  • Japanese maples are prized for their incredible assortment of leaf shapes and colors. Because of their unique and varied features, Japanese maples are wonderful for ornamental landscaping.