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Portland,  OR 
United States
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SBI Software is the industry's leader in software solutions for growers and garden centers. Lower your costs and improve performance with a nimble production and inventory management system. Stop using widget software to manage live goods. With SBI you will gain inventory visibility to drive sales. One login, all your apps. Works on any device: phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. 


  • TRIUMPH Production Management Software
    One login. All your apps. Works on any device: phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Update your system to maximize profits and become more competitive with improved speed, efficiency, and visibility....

  • You will be more competitive with TRIUMPH. Manage the entire process of production: planning, scheduling, purchasing, work orders, and reporting. An Excel-like interface means less time at the terminal and more time growing plants. 

    TRIUMPH Summary of Benefits: 

    • Quicker order search/entry, streamline order fulfillment process for high volume business
    • Quicker tools for creating Quotes, Master Orders, and Open Orders (Multi-Order Import / Fast Order Entry)
    • Quicker Master Pick process, on-screen visibility, edits and substitutions of products for picking
    • Faster report print preview, report printing, and label printing of all types
    • Less labor, quicker tools, advanced options, no pop-ups, adaptable user platform, and more

    TRIUMPH will automate repetitive tasks like serialized tray inventory, label printing, tablet-based inventory, scan to plant, dump, and ships. From growth planning and accounting to inventory management and label printing to customer notifications, SBI’s system is fully integrated and 100% attuned to the needs of a grower. 

    You can learn more by calling 866-515-4909, ext. 3 — or email to schedule a demo today.

  • SBI Payments & SBI Back Office
    SBI Payments is a new fast and easy way to process credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments using cloud based technology....

  • SBI Payments takes the hassle out of setting up a credit card on file. Our goal is to make payments processing easier, faster, and more secure for you. SBI Payments makes it easy to send customers payment requests so that they enter their credit card information on file. This saves you time and reduces your workload. You can also keep multiple cards on file for each customer, personalize transactions with custom messages, or add cards for future charges.

    SBI Payments Summary of Benefits:

    • Taking payment by credit card or ACH
    • Sending payment requests to your customers for an invoice, or group of invoices
    • Sending card on file, or ACH on file requests
    • Charging card on file or ACH on file to pay a customers bill when they grant it

    There is no software set up and no cost to you. Simply start collecting payments from your customers with less labor, time, and hassle. You can pick from a variety of options within SBI Payments to utilize functionality that will reduce your labor for your collection process. SBI Payments features the most exceptional security available for credit card processing. It’s time to modernize how you collect your payments.