Delgado Stone

United States

Delgado Stone Distributors was founded in 2011 with a vision of supplying the industry with inspirational and high quality natural stone veneer. Almost a decade later we have grown into a industry leader for all different types of natural stone products. This year we were able to open The Saw Shop at Delgado Stone and offer our network of Authorized Dealers a whole new range of sawn natural stone products.

While always looking ahead to the next big thing in natural stone we have been able to succeed in this highly competetive industry by staying true to our core principles which are manufacturing a consistent and high quality product and industry leading customer service.


  • Palletized Flagstone
    Palletized Flagstone is available in two different types, Split Flagstone which is split, natural pieces approx. 1"-4" thick and Sawn Flagstone which is sawn, gauged 2" thick with a thermal finish....

  • Both the Sawn and Split Flagstone options are available in a range of natural stone collections including a range of grey, tan and earth tone colors. These palletized pieces are sold by the tonnage and both the Sawn and Split Flagstone yield approx. 65-75 sq/ft of coverage per ton. This material is perfect for any landscape design project including pools, patios, walkways, coping, landing areas, and more. 

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