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BCS America is the North American importer and distributor of BCS Two-Wheel Tractors, built in Italy since 1943.

BCS is Europe's largest producer of walk-behind tractors and attachments.  Built for a lifetime of dependability, BCS tractors have gear-driven transmissions without any belts or chains and feature commercial grade engines from Honda and Kohler.  BCS handlebars swivel 180º for front- and rear-mount attachments.  With dozens of PTO-driven attachments for soil-working, mowing, hauling, snow-clearing, property maintenance, and more, BCS is truly a four-season machine. This is a great tool to add for landscapers to accomplish a variety of tasks needed on the job. 

The NEW BCS Model 779 with Hydrostatic Drive is the ideal tractor for landscapers. Model 770 moves in an out of tight spaces with ease! The 770’s EasyGrip lever enables the operator to precisely select ground speed and direction of travel without the need to shift gears, vary the throttle or disengage/re-engage the PTO

Visit www.bcsamerica.com to view the full lineup of tractors and attachments and find your nearest dealer today.

Brands: BCS Two-Wheel Tractors


  • Model 779 Hyrdostatic Two-Wheel Tractor
    Finally, a two-wheel tractor with hydrostatic drive! The comfortable “EasyGrip” lever enables the operator to select and change both ground speed and direction of travel without the need to shift gears or change the throttle setting....

    • Mechanically, the comfortable “EasyGrip” hydro lever on the handlebar enables the operator to select and change both the ground speed and direction of travel without altering the performance of the attachment and without the need to shift gears or change the throttle setting.
    • Operationally, hydrostatic drive is a real game changer. Not only is the single lever control ultimately user-friendly (and fun), it also expands the functionality and productivity of the BCS attachments.
      • Example 1: When mowing the “outback” with the rotary brush mower, the engine is always at full throttle to assure maximum blade tip speed. As you move from tall weeds to woody brush, use the hydro lever to reduce your ground speed; thereby increasing the number of “cuts” per forward foot of travel. This overcomes the greater resistance of the brush, followed by the ability to instantly return to your higher weed-mowing speed.
      • Example 2: When trimming under fences, bushes, or low-lying limbs, the needed back-and-forth movement of the mower is as simple as moving the hydro lever forward and backward.
      • Example 3: When mowing down a steep pond bank, the dynamic neutral of the hydrostatic enables the operator to stop and reverse direction, regardless of position, without fear of the mower freewheeling out of control.

    Learn more about Model 779 and the full line of the BCS Two-Wheel Tractors & Attachments at www.bcsamerica.com!

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