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EasyKlip HandAll


  • EasyKlip Midi
    The only patented wedge design clip in the world. Holds up to 220 pounds. Grommets fail all the time, or you need an anchor point somewhere a grommet isn't. Available in 4 colors and in a variety of multi packs....

  • •Holds Up To 220 lbs

    •Patented Wedge Design

    •Made In Sweden

    •4 Colors Available: Black - White - Green - Blue

    •Multi-Packs Available

    •Temp Range 22º F - 200º F

    •Made From Glass-Reinforced Nylon

    •Grabs up to 1/4” Thick

  • EasyKlip HandAll
    Heavy Duty handle to carry bags up to 40 pounds. Patented wedge design allows the ability to grab and carry multiple types of bags. Grass seed, bark mulch, potting soil, pet food, charcoal, and much more....

  • This patented handle allows people to easily grab and carry bags from Point A to Point B. Using 2 HandAll's allows you to balance out the weight and increase your speed of moving bags. Works great with all types of bags. Made in Sweden. Holds bags up to 40 pounds. Great for lifting grass seed bags, placing your spreader underneath the bag, then cutting the bottom of the bag so the seed pours into the spreader. Eliminates having to turn your back pouring seed.
  • EasyKlip Bungee
    Single hook bungee, with stainless steel hooks, available in black and white and in 8" and 16" sizes. Bungee balls available in 10" gray cord....

  • Bungee cord is the perfect compliment to our clips and allows you to attach your tarp, banner or sign, and more to where you need it. The stainless steel hook allows for years of use outdoors. Available in multiple sizes and in bulk multi packs.

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