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Welland,  ON 

Devron is proud to present our Green Living Fences, Live Pictures ,Live Panels and Self watering Hanging Basket systems.

All of our systems revolve around the keep it simple mantra and require very little maintenance or installation work. Our Green Living fences are a modular, fully grown panel of ivy that can be used as an alternative to wooden fencing, or a quick way to add privacy to the backyard.

Our London Planter Hanging Basket offer a great option vs. the traditional baskets. This product is popular as a community improvement measure and includes a self watering unit that can hold water for up to 2 weeks. This offers great cost savings on water, labour and transport.

Our LivePicture and Panel products are self watering, wall hung plant systems that allow anyone to install it and instantly have greenery in the space, no green thumb required. Our LivePicture products come in a variety of sizes and colours, making sure to fit the footprint of your home or office perfectly.

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Brands: • Green Living Fences • LivePicture (Living Wall System) • LivePanel (Living Wall System) • Hanging Baskets


  • Green Living Fence
    Looking for a natural privacy screen for your garden, landscape or commercial project? Choose the patented Green Living Fence. The ready-made hedge consists of a steel grid completely intertwined and covered with climbing plants....

  •  This pre-grown Green Living Fence consists of a steel grid completely intertwined and covered with climbing plants. The Green Living Fence is grown in a biodegradable container made from coconut fibres. After preparing the soil for plantings, place the Fence directly into the ground. Posts and brackets ensure solid anchoring of the fence. For posts, choose a universal bracket; for wall mounting, a wall bracket.

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