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Remember the Swiss army knife you had as a kid? Remember those Swiss watches that lasted forever? Birchmeier's reputation as a quality manufacturer of spray equipment is well known around the globe. Stocked in locations around the United States, Birchmeier manufactures backpack sprayers, hand sprayers and other equipment for many industries including landscape, greenhouse, orchard, winegrowing, pest control, turf, golf courses, facilities, and more.

The new AS 1200 Spray Blower is proving to be a must for anyone who needs a LIGHTWEIGHT, QUIET tool that performs with exceptional efficiency and chemical saving properties. Paired with the already popular battery backpack sprayers, this tool is taking the US by storm! Visit booth 2858 for a Birchmeier Spraying Experience.

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AS 1200 Battery Spray Blower with REC 15 Battery Backpack


  • AS 1200 Spray Blower with REC 15 Backpack Sprayer
    The AS 1200/REC 15/Comfort Kit Combo is a Backpack Sprayer and Battery Spray Blower in one. Our users are impressed with this compact, lightweight and quiet new product....

  • The AS 1200/REC 15/Comfort Kit Combo is an example of thoughtful and focused engineering with customer priorities in mind.

    Worries about ever increasing fuel costs:
    The AS 1200/REC 15 is battery operated and takes up much less
    space for transport and storage for smaller vehicles. No more gas or
    oil expenses.
    Emissions and overspray problems:
    The AS 1200 is specially manufactured to put product where it’s
    needed, resulting in much less waste and up to 20% reduction in
    chemical use with the same coverage results.
    Regulatory noise restrictions or noise complaints:
    The AS 1200/REC 15 is compliant with noise and gas powered
    blower restrictions. Very quiet.
    Lifting restrictions or worker injuries:
    The AS 1200/REC 15 is ergonomically designed and less than half
    the weight of gas-powered blowers resulting in less worker fatigue
    and injury.
    The AS 1200/REC 15 should result in < 2 years return on investment
    as compared with gas powered blowers when factoring in fuel and
    chemical savings. With a 2 year equipment warranty and 3 year
    battery warranty included, it makes financial sense.

  • Iris 15 Backpack Sprayer
    The number one backpack sprayer for professionals around the world....

  • Ergonomics

    • Ergonomically shaped tank
    • Padded S-shaped carrying belts with click system
    • New pump lever system (see pump lever)
    • Hip and chest belt (optional)

    Pump Lever

    • Left or right-handed operation
    • Adjustable length handle
    • Working and parking position
    • Stainless steel
    • Anatomically shaped and comfortable handle

    Trigger Valve

    • Locking and blocking function
    • Robust brass body
    • Ergonomically shaped lever
    • Integrated fine filter
    • Retightening gland packing

    Additional Improvements

    • 60 cm brass spray tube
    • Fine filter inside the shaped suction bend
    • Pump fixation / tank lead through (central brass bolt)
    • Rotatable pump for left or right-handed operation
    • Spray wand carrier for spray tube and Vario Gun
    • Stainless steel reinforced frame

    Reliable for more than 100 years

    • Robust brass pump, mounted externally
    • 87 psi maximum pressure
    • Adjustable nozzle 1.3 mm
    • Integrated grease piston
    • Adjustable rubber piston ring
    • Simple to maintain non-return valve
    • Large filling opening with filter
    • Long life lasting and service friendly
  • Granomax 5 Spreader
    Sometimes simple is better. Intelligently designed spreader for fertilizer, ice melt, and other granular products....

  • Fast fertilization and spreading with Granomax. 

    • Granules ø 0.1 to 4 mm particle size can be distributed
    • 5-stage control allows an accurate granule flow rate
    • Large opening and zip closure
    • With easy lateral movements, width up to an 6 ft can be evenly covered with spreading material
    • The sophisticated design of the spread head allows even spreading in any situation
    • Easy adjustment of the spreading height due to a clever carrying system
    • Length of carrying strap adjustable for different body sizes
    • Connection funnel transparent to see granule flow
    • Trigger locking device for transportation

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