Royal Gold

Arcata,  CA 
United States

Royal Gold is the original Coco Soil Company. With an unparralleled dedication to quality and consistency, Royal Gold leads the industry with pure, in house buffered coco, and expertly crafted growing medium. Featuring a range of products from traditional Planting style (Mendo Mix) and Potting style (Basement Mix) to our unique soilless blend (Tupur) and our all-purpose Peat/Coco Blend (Kings Mix) -Royal Gold features a soil product for every style of growing. With there new Crown Jewels Fertilizers, they are bringing that same quality and innovation to plant nutrition. Crown Jewels Fertilizers are OMRI and CDFA approved Organic Inputs designed to provide dynamic nutrient release and a diverse nutrient profile to bring out the best in all types of crops and plants. Created with Certified Soil Scientists and utilizing micronized ingredients for consistent results and fast action, Crown Jewels Fertilizers are every gardens answer to improvied plant health and vitality. Stop by and see and why Royal Gold is your new favorite product!!

Brands: Loose Coco Fiber, Mendo Mix, Basement Mix, Kings Mix, Tupur, Crown Jewels Grow and Bloom Fertilizers


  • Crown Jewels Fertilizers by Royal Gold
    Welcome to the new generation of Organic plant nutrition. Easy to use 1 part Bloom and Grow fertilizers for all plants and growers. CDFA and OMRI listed for organic gardening....

  • Crown Jewels Fertilizer by Royal Gold is the simple OMRI and CDFA approved organic solution to improved soil nutritition. Available in Grow (3-2-2) and Bloom (1-4-2) formulations, designed to provide complete nutrition for a wide variety of crops and plants, Crown Jewels is a perfect fit for large scale professionals and home hobbyists alike. Our unique approach to plant nutrition is informed by decades of experience and Certified Soil Scientists working together to provide the best quality nutrition in a cost effective way. In addition to essential N-P-K, the Crown Jewels provides an excellent source of Calcium as well as trace minerals. With ingredients micronized for a balanced release of nutrients and improved solubility, Crown Jewels is also an ideal choice for brewing teas. Available in 5-10-20-and 40lb bags and 1000lb totes for professional, commercial and field applications, there is a package size for every project. Perfect for use in commercial crop production and retail enviroments, Royal Golds Crown Jewels are the perfect compliment to our renowned growing mediums, or any other soil application. Give your Garden the Royal Treatment with Crown Jewels!

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