NewGen® Boxwood

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With continued pressure on the boxwood we cherish in our landscapes today, NewGen® Boxwood offers growers, landscapers, and garden retailers hope for the future of boxwood by trialing, selecting and marketing superior boxwood selections.

With the first two introductions, NewGen Independence® and NewGen Freedom® begin a new generation of genetics, knowledge, and vision, here to revolutionize America’s garden classic.


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  • NewGen Independence and NewGen Freedom - Boxwood
    Our superior boxwood selections have good resistance to boxwood blight with proper care, good resistance to leafminer, and that WOW factor of beauty in the landscape....

  • NewGen Independence®  (Buxus 'SB108' PP28888) is a very deep green, medium-sized cultivar that holds excellent color throughout the winter. It has a rounded habit that is nearly as tall as wide. In new gardens and landscapes, consider it as a substitute for Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’ (English Boxwood). Branching structure is very strong, allowing it to withstand most moderate to heavy snow loads. Hardy to Zone 5b. Deer resistant!

    NewGen Freedom® (Buxus ‘SB 300’ PP32421) features beautiful, glossy green foliage adorning this relatively vigorous, rounded boxwood, slightly taller than wide. The habit of NewGen Freedom® is more uniform and tighter than ‘Wintergreen’ or ‘Winter Gem’ making it an excellent choice for formal and residential landscapes. May bronze in winter if in full sun. Prune twice per year for best shape and branching.  Hardy to Zone 5.  Fast growing and deer resistant!

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