AgroSci Inc.

Colchester,  CT 
United States

AgroSci ™ is a global leader in designing, creating and installing custom architectural features using its proprietary green wall systems and horticultural designs. Our work in resorts, casinos, hospitality, office and commercial properties has created “living” iconic statements for brands all over the world. AgroSci’s consumer products division, AgroSci Garden Products, is focused on bringing the innovation and solution-based green wall systems to gardeners of all size and scope by leveraging its commercial expertise and quality.


  • AgroSci GardenWall Kit
    The AgroSci GardenWall Kit is a unique, modular, vertical planter for the home gardener on the retail market. It adds outdoor growing space to any location (porch, patio deck or balcony) to support the urban gardening market!...

  • The AgroSci GardenWall kit is a newer retail category product that allows gardeners to build custom green walls and planting spaces on any outdoor vertical surface. Fences, walls, railings, or posts can now be transformed into gardening areas. The easy to install GardenWall Kit can be placed vertically or horizontally. It’s simple to assemble and made with durable materials. Kits can be connected to create larger installations. Versatile, the Garden Wall Kit can be used year round by rotating plants by season or used as a display for holiday décor.  Check out our website for creative ideas.  AgroSci currently offers a 5 pot, 10 pot and 20 pot kit. Kits include frames, pots and pot grids, water funnels, filters, and anchoring hardware. Full color, tri-lingual packaging creates an attention-grabbing display for any store. Take advantage of the rapidly growing category of “new space” gardening for any location – homes, apartments, condos – plant anywhere with a GardenWall kit and without taking up floor space!

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