Candiac,  QC 

Since 1984, Techniseal has been a true pioneer in developing high-performance solutions for the installation, maintenance, and protection of outdoor living spaces. The world-leading polymeric paver sand provider, Techniseal also manufactures an extensive range of surface cleaners and protective sealers for concrete pavers and other hardscape installations.

Techniseal products are available for landscape professionals across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia.


  • NEXTBASE - Panel Base System
    NextBase is the new generation of high-density panel base system that replaces traditional compacted aggregate-base installations. It provides great stability to hardscape installations while reducing the required excavation....


    Imagine a patio or a walkway that installs with less work, less expense and with no special tools or materials.

    NextBase panels are easy to cut and feature drainage holes, slopes and channels for water control and an interlocking system for added stability.

    - Replaces up to 300 lb (136kg) of base agreggates
    - Interlocking system
    - Panels can be rotated at a 90⁰ angle
    - Integrated cutting marks every 3" (7,6 cm)

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