D. R. Snell Nursery

United States

D.R. Snell Nursery, Inc. is a family-owned wholesale grower of premium quality B&B nursery stock.  We specialize in ornamental trees and shrubs that will thrive in the landscape, as well as unique and upcoming varieties. We take pride in our meticulous digging technique to meet ANLA standards.  Along with our digging technique we focus on proper planting procedures to ensure the health of our plants from start to finish. Our utilization of compost during our planting process allows us to sustainably reinforce our soils with nutrients, minerals and beneficial micro-organisms. Compost also increases water retention and shelf life of plant material. Our specific attention to detail translates into our pruning, root ball packaging, and scrupulous loading procedures.  Please call or visit our website to schedule a tour to personally experience our exceptional nursery stock and operations.

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