Ensaca Ltd.

Cincinnati,  OH 
United States

Allkaz/EnSaca packaging and bagging machines are quick, easy to use, and extremely cost effective. All machines are weather sealed.  Allkaz/EnSaca bagging machines meet the following specifications: • Easily moved and positioned • Can be manually fed with a shovel or bobcat; • Narrow enough to pass through 34-inch-wide doorways • Compatible with dry and semi-dry granules as well as pellets • Operating weights range from .5 to 125 pounds • Fills bags more than 22 inches wide • Storage capacity of more than 1 cubic yard of material • Silo accessory with a 2.1 cubic yard capacity • 120 Volt Single Phase Electric • Weather sealed • Bags sealed on site • Quiet Operation • Encased shielded motors • Adjustable bag holder.

Brands: EnSaca/Allkaz manufactures bagging and dispensing machines. If you need to fill a large quantity of flower pots, bag topsoil, fertilizer, compost, seeds, sand, gravel, or rocks we have your solution.

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