Worthington Farms, Inc.

United States

Originally established in 1837, Worthington Farms began its nursery business in the 1970s and is a full service nursery growing container (3-35 gallon) & field-grown (2"-5.5" caliper B&B) plants. We make weekly deliveries to mid-Atlantic & northeast regions. Our liner division grows container tree and conifer liners for wholesale nursery growers. 

Our products include:

Acer buergeranium, Acer rubrum varieties, Acer truncatum varieties including our introduction, 'WFAT1' Main Street, Amelanchier, Betula nigra, Camellias, Cercis, Chionanthus, Cryptomeria, Fagus, Gleditsia, Hydrangeas, Ilex varieties, Juniperus,  a wide variety of Lagerstroemia cultivars, Magnolias, Myrica cerifera, Nyssa, Osmanthus, Pistacia, Platanus, Quercus varieties, Thuja 'Green Giant' and 'Virginian', Ulmus 'Bosque' and Princeton', Viburnum, Vitex, and Zelkova.

Online availability at www.worthingtonfarms.com. 252-756-3827

A new addition to our business family is a tissue culture company, Phyllatech LLC, which focuses on berry production and research for commercial fruit growers, offering blackberry, blueberry, & raspberry plants. www.phyllatech.com

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