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Jiffy is the leading global supplier of propagation systems, hydroponic systems, natural growing containers and substrates for any type of plant propagation and cultivation enterprises big or small. Our solutions have no limits based on plant type. We use renewable resources and bio-based materials such as peat, coconut coir, pulp and other bio-mass. We abide by the highest industry standards in order to both safeguard the environment and supply the highest-quality, in many cases certified, products to our customers.

Brands: Substrates, Preforma, Pellets, Pots, Growblocks, Growbags

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  • Jiffy has the high-technology and sustainable solution you are looking for: Preforma 72-cell trays. 

    No tray or mix to purchase on your end, we will ship you a complete unit, ready to go! 

    Contact your local sales representative for special pricing. Valid through March 2023. 




  • Jiffy Preforma
    Professional growers worldwide benefit from the flexibility of Jiffy Preforma Plugs. You control which trays are supplied, choose from a selection of substrates, and Preforma is ready to go, right off the delivery pallet....

  • Jiffy Preforma Plugs

    Preforma plugs consistently retain an air content of 30% or more, which means no compaction, even under heavy misting conditions. This makes it an ideal propagation medium, providing an optimal environment for uniform and fast rooting.

    • Ready-to-go
    • Fast rooting
    • Automation

    The plant plug binder’s structure ensures no transplant shock. This means you can ship or transplant the plugs earlier, freeing up valuable bench space in order to rotate the crops faster.

    Jiffy Preforma plugs are available for many different crops. But over the years we developed some crop specialties such as orchids, soft fruits, perennials from cuttings or TC, and pot plants.

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